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SmartMatchApp Partners with RealMe For Safer Matchmaking and Networking Experience

June 14, 2022


SmartMatchApp is excited to announce a partnership with RealMe, which will provide CRM users and their customers in matchmaking, networking, and membership organizations with background and reputation information to help them make informed decisions about whether or not someone is who they claim they are and can be trusted.

RealMe uses multiple databases to make personal interactions and transactions safer, including publicly available background information, criminal records, sex offender status, personal reviews, and more – with over 275 million verified Reputation Profiles that include Identity verification and background reports.

By providing a complete interface with RealMe, SmartMatchApp makes it seamless and simple. All that is necessary is the pressing of a button, and the report will be generated. Reports can be tailored to reflect only the information that the matchmaker requires. SmartMatchApp processes fees and RealMe customer care are ready to answer problems and keep the process running smoothly.

Key Features

  • Help promote the security of connecting each and every single client within the community without the need for extravagant processing of background and credentials checking.
  • Safeguard your community members against risks of both fraud and bots, and anything untruthful that may not be visible at its face value.
  • Help matchmakers analyze public information made available by local government offices or undertake thorough criminal background checks.
  • Confirm real identities presented within membership organizations, not just for dating, but for social media and businesses, and other industries alike, and detect identity theft and even violence and committed fraud.

Catfishing is when someone steals information and photographs from other people and utilizes them to establish a new persona for oneself. In certain circumstances, a catfisher steals another person's whole identity, including their photograph, date of birth, profession, and location, and claims it as their own. The catfisher then utilizes this identity to deceive others into associating with them or doing business with them via the internet. We know it’s scary, but it’s a bit too early for Halloween.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker access to the required data with just a push of a button within your SmartMatchApp system.
  • A cost-efficient way to run background checks on your network of clients for the safety of your community.
  • Subscription and cancellation of background check service can be turned on and off as needed only with no sweat.
  • Updated records and credentials every month for accuracy whilst maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • Helps safeguard every member of your community against fraud, identity theft, and all forms of violence and to maintain an unbiased and legitimate reputation in the industry.

Modern-day catfishing attacks can sometimes be directed at a single person, or even in industries. A catfisher may build an identity that they believe will appeal to their catfishing target in various situations. Catfishing has long been a problem in online communities and websites such as dating, businesses, mentorship, social media, investments, and more. People often falsify some portions of their profile to entice their targets since the catfisher can hide any or all of their genuine identity without being questioned. 

Falsifying professions, places, and likes and dislikes are all examples of the catfish meaning. Kitten fishing is when someone merely fakes a few or trivial aspects of their identity.

Imagine being matched online with a real person. You don't want to be paired with someone who is trying to pass themselves off as someone decent and trustworthy. This is where SmartMatchApp and RealMe come in: we care about the safety of all communities by bringing nothing but authenticity and truthfulness just as much as you do. Yes… YES! We hear you loud and clear.

Luckily, SmartMatchApp's integration of RealMe's technology will transform the way its matchmakers work by offering rich and rapid background checks on its users, resulting in increased client safety while maintaining confidentiality. Instead of an expensive one-time background check that can take several days to complete, SmartMatchApp's CRM will include RealMe, which will allow matchmakers to just simply press a button and receive an instantaneous background check on their clients. Easy peasy! Another thing to love about this is that each background check will be renewed once a month to capture any changes to users' data.

We see great opportunities for all of our clients beyond the dating matchmaking market, thanks to RealMe's expertise in safety and reputation services. Opportunities exist, for example, in fields such as business and social matching where boosting safety and trust can make a significant impact on their online and real-life contacts. We want our clients to be matched with real people with matching real and authentic vibes and personalities, instead of some hideous identity that they’re trying to flaunt in this social media era where everyone can be someone that they’re not. Okurrrr!

The SmartMatchApp and RealMe’s Integration is very straightforward and simple to use. You don’t need to become a detective or a techy person to do this. How so? First of all, you need to make sure that the RealMe background checks Add-on feature is activated by the agency manager first.

Once activated within the SmartMatchApp system, agency users with permissions can just simply go to any client’s profile and click Actions, select Background Check, and the subscription pop-up window appears. Simply click Subscribe and that’s it! It’s really not rocket science!

Once this add-on feature has been activated, SmartMatchApp agency users can now then proceed to start doing background checks for every client they intend to. You will see the Realme background check status every time you browse the customer's profile where it has been previously requested.

To note, reports generated are updated every month for accuracy, of course! Just because FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, everything has to be up-to-date in your SmartMatchApp system. Just head over to that client’s profile, click Actions, and select Background Check from the list of the dropdown menu to see the updated report.

RealMe’s customer support team is on standby to answer questions and ensure that the procedure runs successfully! According to their website, RealMe compiles publicly available data from government, social media, and other sources, as well as user-written personal reviews. This third-party data is then processed using similar approaches to those used by Google and Bing to build a listing. As a disclaimer, RealMe can't guarantee the correctness of the data because RealMe simply collects it, not creates it.

While most individuals alter their accounts to make them look better, or at least present themselves as someone better far from how they are in real life, other people build entirely bogus profiles to prey on unwitting victims. Catfishing is a form of scam in which people post fake information in order to mislead someone into a relationship for financial benefit.

In this world where catfishing has now become prominent in all sectors, genders, and in all industries concerning matching, and although it can be tough to avoid being catfished in the first place, there is a lot you can do to avoid falling for the con. And with that, SmartMatchApp and RealMe team up to help every community in all kinds of industries prevent shams and scams and help safeguard every member. This integration can help prevent dealing with a fake mentor or mentee, fake university credentials, scam capital investors, or sham dating profiles. We all want the same thing - to deal with the real thing.

So now, will the real SmartMatchApp please stand up?! Wait, what? There could only be one SmartMatchApp. **mic drop**

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