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matchmaking database

Create your custom database using any criteria to organize and search your clients

matchmaking tools

Match your clients, arrange introductions and dates, receive valuable date feedback

task management

Manage tasks and priorities, create events and activities, track client and date status

Web forms integration

Build custom forms, integrate the database seamlessly with your marketing campaigns


These features enhance your day-to-day matchmaking activities


- Create a customized database with any search criteria

- Use client match preferences to match your clients

- Organize your matches into groups with priority status

- Run advanced reports and track matches by any criteria


- Send custom introductions with optional photos to your clients

- Schedule dates and activities in the calendar

- Receive date feedback surveys from your clients

- Create custom templates and send email with your branded signature

Phone and Email Support

- Receive phone and email support at every stage

- Personalized training and setup packages

- Data and photo imports, complete website integrations


- Build customizable website forms

- Connect the database to your website

- Convert your visitors into valued customers


- Receive notification of each new client inquiry

- Sort your prospective clients using any criteria

- Create follow-up sales tasks and reminders

- Manage sales pipeline and activities

Billing and Finance

- Invoice your clients directly through SmartMatchApp

- Create contracts, freeze and expiry dates and reminders

- Run financial reports and track revenue

Photo and File management

- Store and edit unlimited high resolution photos

- Upload unlimited folders, files and documents

- View thumbnail photos in your client list


- List your agency in our private network

- Collaborate with other professional matchmaker

- Receive confidential referrals from other matchmakers

- Pay and get paid for referrals directly through SmartMatchApp

Dating and Matchmaking

- Setup your branded, customized dating site

- Set your pricing model and features

- Run your dating site through SmartMatchApp

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