Smart Features and Professional Tools

Smart CRM software with professional matchmaking tools and functionality addresses important tasks from one system to bring your business to a higher level by working Smart



Match clients individually or allow our Smart algorithms to suggest matches for you

  • Save hours of time on manual cross comparison work. Calibrated Smart algorithms within the system assist you with matching process
  • Predicted relationship success percentage between two clients will be provided with a detailed report on their highlighted matching criterias
  • Ranked suggestions will be pushed to the top by the system based on the information about your client and their match preferences


Make personalized introductions with optional photos and videos with just a few clicks

  • In less than a minute you can share client profiles with other clients and companies. Custom introduction pages can include your company branding
  • Send professional introductions with carefully selected client information to your clients and business partners for review
  • You can select which information is to be visible to others and which media files to display for your recipients


Send personal and group emails, SMS text messages, notifications, and reminders

  • Simple and fast communication with your professional world from within the system. Smart Match App has everything you need to forget about extra third party tools
  • Send group email to your target audience in just a few clicks, using custom templates Connect your company email address
  • Set up a Twilio account to start texting. Create custom notifications and reminders to stay on top of your business
web forms

Web Forms

Build custom forms, integrate your database with your marketing campaigns

  • Automate your database population without spending time on manual data entry. It takes mere minutes to create a custom web form
  • Create totally custom, company-branded webforms, Choose fields and information you want to extract from your clients
  • Integrate your web form with your website. Share a link to the form on your social media pages and personal blogs, attach the from to your marketing newsletters


Upload your company logo, customize colors and have a professional look

  • Impress your clients with a branded professional looking interface. Create a perfect environment for your audience and put your creative vision at work
  • Totally branded system just the way you see it - from the database profiles and access to the communication system to beautiful introduction templates
  • Upload your business logo and customize the system theme and colors in seconds
member portal

Member Portal

Engage your clients with a personal member login or fully interactive member portal

  • Fully automate your matchmaking system. Allow your clients to log in to their profiles, update their information and media and, even do their own matching
  • Let your clients view their introductions, provide their calendar availability, chat with one another or with your team and give you their feedback
  • Create recurring subscription plans, integrate with Stripe to automatically charge your clients to significantly increase your revenues


Generate custom reports on a wide range of filters and criteria

  • Detailed reporting system lets you compile important information and measure your team’s performance.
  • Totally customized Smart reports can show you client schedules and locations, signed contract files and their status, as well as custom field data and much more
  • Apply custom filters and data sources to your reports based on your needs, from client profile data to your team activities, all at your fingertips
task management

Task Management

Keep an eye on project management, manage tasks, priorities, events or activities, client status

  • Easy-to-use project management tools that allow you to effortlessly administer the activities of your client database and staff
  • Assign tasks to clients and to your team members, write messages, attach files, set up due dates and priorities
  • Track task status, review client and team priorities, create custom reminders to always stay a step ahead and be prepared for any event


Use Zapier or our own custom API to connect with 2,000+ apps

  • Linking with Zapier will allow you to create custom triggers and execute a range of automated workflows
  • Effortless system integration and time-saving automation with other software and databases
  • Integrate with a wide range of apps such as Google Suite, Mailchimp, Slack, Active Campaign, social media platforms and popular apps from around the world
custom database

Custom Database

Create a custom database using any criteria to organize your clients

  • Easy to set up and completely customizable database builder. Our flexible system is capable of carrying on many different business models at once
  • Create custom fields and match preferences for your clients, adjust colors and themes, control client interface
  • Tailor your database from menus and tabs, to project management system and notifications, to networking feature and full White Label set up
advanced search

Advanced Search

Search your database by any desired criteria within seconds

  • Save loads of time finding particular clients within your database, SmartSearch is user-friendly and takes seconds to launch and deliver results
  • SmartSearch your database by keywords, profile field information, match preferences, locations, by client types and lists of assigned tags
  • Create custom views of your database. Sort and display your clients in the requested order and save your advanced searches and apply tons of filters in two clicks


Send personal or automated surveys and get valuable feedback from your clients

  • Few clicks and your surveys are sent to the clients, you can collect all the required feedback information from your clients in less than a minute and review the statistics
  • Add fields and group questions to your surveys, adjust additional information, make your surveys look just how you want it, with your branding featured every time
  • Every survey you create is saved and templated within the system. Send personal surveys in just a few clicks to thousands of clients at once


View history of profile updates, emails, SMS messages, notes, matches and calls

  • Fast access to everything happening within your database. One tab shows you the entire system activities for every client and staff member
  • Track emails and text messages sent from Smart Match App, review profile changes, see current notes, developing matches, and membership activities for every client
  • Apply filters to narrow your activity searches for particular clients or team members, search by keywords and create custom timeline searches to review activity history


Schedule matches, introductions, meetings, tasks, events and feedback

  • Simple set up process. You will always stay on top of your business and never miss an important date. Our automated system always keeps you posted
  • Automate a personal client scheduler with duration and matches required per contact, provide additional notes and control current status
  • SmartScheduler suggests dates that you can add to a schedule group. Track current, completed, and past due events
calendar and events

Calendar and Events

Book and complete meetings and events and follow up with participants

  • Optimize your event management. View all necessary information on one screen. Our interactive calendar allows you to quickly search by event types and organizers
  • Book complex events in minutes. Add Google Maps locations, create custom reminders, and link other events to existing ones
  • Select and invite some or all of your clients at once for an event. Automatically collect their feedback after the event. Easily custom search and review your past events

Finances and Billing

Run your financials and invoice your clients straight from Smart Match App

  • Practical finance features with Stripe Connect and custom invoice options will save you time when charging your clients for services provided
  • Create subscription plans for your clients and automate recurring invoicing or manually invoice your clients for one-time charges
  • With Stripe integration, connect Smart Match App directly to your bank account


Explore our established network of more than 1,000 matchmakers

  • Access the network of other established matchmakers worldwide, share ideas and collaborate, exchange database information and find matches for your clients
  • Search the network by keyword, country, or zip code. Send requests to connect, and post public announcements and referrals for other matchmakers to view
  • Create a private network within Smart Match App to share referrals with other companies, and build a professional relationship with your colleagues around the world
cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Store files, photos, videos and documents within the app

  • Your company and client data is stored securely on our servers with our Privacy Shield, PIPEDA and GDPR certifications
  • We utilize end-to-end 256 bit encryption for maximum security and provide the top industrial level of security for all of your data
  • Your client data, media, contracts and documents are located within each client’s profile for quick and easy access to all information


Send beautiful HD photos and videos with your introductions

  • High-definition photos and videos retain their quality within the system
  • We offer the ability to select and share your client’s media in just a few clicks, sending beautiful introductions
  • Set limits for the amount of photos or videos your clients can upload to their profiles. Run reports for your client media usage
contract tracking

Contract Tracking

Create client contracts, expiry dates

  • Create contracts quickly and easily. Attach a signed copy for the records, connect schedules to your contracts and keep track of important deadlines
  • Assign start and expiration dates, review contract length, control the status with ability to freeze a contract, create custom reminders, and take notes, all on one page
  • Track matches per contract, matches included, completed and remaining, to stay on top of your business with all contract information in one tab

White Label

Set up your own URL and make the system a true part of your business

  • Impress your clients with your private domain, hide our company branding and references to make the system truly yours from A to Z
  • Every link within your system will display your company private domain and custom branding and theme colors, tailored for you and your business
  • Truly your system - from custom private domain links on client introductions, invoices and web forms - to client log in pages, notifications and reminders