Smart matchmaking solutions backed by fair pricing, month-to-month subscription plans, no long term contracts, on demand add ons, and white label opportunities, start spending Smart



month / matchmaker month / matchmaker


month / matchmaker month / matchmaker


on demand / custom
Upload logos and customize CRM color theme
Apply custom email branding
White label with your own URL and copyrights1
Database Size2,500210,0002Custom
Cloud storage space3 GB36 GB3Custom
Custom single-page web forms
Custom multi-page web forms
Import/Export with CSV/Excel
Customizable interface (menus, groups, fields, lists, tags)
Upload client documents, photos and videos
Custom statistical charts
Integrations with Stripe, Zapier, Twilio
Smart matchmaking suggestions
Custom advanced search (by fields, words, locations, lists)
Send introductions to your clients
Location proximity match search
Send multiple client photos with introductions
Create dates/meetings/events for your clients
Set up matching scheduler for your clients
Send feedback surveys to your clients
Worldwide network of matchmaking agencies
Exchange referrals with agencies in your SMA network
Invoice clients directly from the system
Create custom monthly subscriptions for your clients4
Create custom client contracts
Financial reporting
Export finance reports to CSV/Excel
Client Experience
Clients can log in to their profile
Clients can update their profile and upload media
Clients can see all of their introductions and give feedback4
Clients can match with one another4
Clients can chat with one another4
Clients can chat with the matchmaker4
Clients can provide their availability4
Clients can review their current and past events with participants4
Clients can provide feedback after an event4
Admin Experience
Tailored permissions for agency users
Editable FAQ page for the clients to read4
Send mass emails
Custom email templates
View email delivery status
Client activity logs
Task management tools
Event management tools
Custom client and user reporting tools
Set notifications and reminders for a variety of tasks
Interactive maps with client locations
Customer Service
Email support
Limited phone support
TrainingOn demand5On demand5On demand5
System set upOn demand5On demand5On demand5
ImportCustom quote5Custom quote5Custom quote5
Add-on Services and Pricing

1 White Label $1,000 one-time contribution and +$60 per month per matchmaker
2 Database Size $10 per month per agency for every extra 1,000 clients above plan size
3 Cloud Storage $1 per month per agency for every extra 1 GB above plan size
4 Member Portal $1 per enrolled member per month
5 Training / System / Import $50 per hour on demand