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Matchmaking Software CRM for Professional Networking Communities

SmartMatchApp is a customizable matchmaking platform designed to streamline networking activities in your community, and to make connecting and collaborating easier for your members.

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Make networking introductions in minutes

Add personal introductions and improve your networking community with next-gen algorithms.

Enhance your networking community with personalized introductions powered by next-gen matchmaking algorithms.

Book networking meetings easily

Book meetings easily in your networking community with intelligent cross-availability feature.

Effortlessly schedule networking meetings with our intelligent cross-availability feature.

Create networking and matchmaking events

Transform your events into smart networking opportunities by matching your members.

Transform your events into smart networking opportunities with our matchmaking feature.

Build membership portal under your brand

Invite your members to update their profiles, match with other members, receive introductions, and attend events.

Create your branded membership portal with our software CRM.

Organize networking speed dating events

Professional event organizers are using our speed dating and speed networking software for professional networking and matchmaking.

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Event organizers trust our speed dating and speed networking software for efficient networking and matchmaking.


Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM servicing more than 100,000 users worldwide

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