Industries and Matchmaking Applications

Smart matchmaking CRM software is being used by a variety of industries, from personal relationship management and business professional matching to nonprofit administration



Match people for personal relationships and make individual connections. Servicing matchmaking companies, dating agencies, and relationship coaches worldwide.

Start using quality matchmaking software for your dating business. Grow your client base with our interactive user-profiles and set up custom matching rules to find a perfect fit for singles. Make personal introductions, build personal relationships between your clients, and schedule their dates with our smart scheduler. Get access to our global network of other professional matchmakers and do business together by sharing referrals with one another.



Make business introductions in any industry. Match buyers with sellers, investors with startups, partnerships and more. Increase business deals and opportunities.

Profit from a professional CRM system made for serious business connectors. Grow your network in any industry and build your database with custom profiles and preferences. Discover buying or selling opportunities, build associations, increase revenues and membership referrals. Close important deals, create partnerships, find investment opportunities. Be the rainmaker.



Discover new productive ways to match people in the educational sector. Match teachers and tutors with students, mentors and mentees. The learning possibilities are limitless.

Apply personalized matchmaking to the vast education field. Match talented scholars with students, introduce expert mentors from various professional fields to universities, schools, corporate training, and other educational venues. Prepare students and mentees for real-life challenges. Let our smart matchmaking software find perfect matches, seizing the opportunity, and advance the preparation of skilled professionals in any field.



Apply smart matching algorithms in a social environment. Match people for friendship, traveling, housing, volunteering, and many other social causes.

Imagine the match-finding system that puts everyone and everything in the right place. Finding the right traveling or housing partner or the right person for a volunteering project isn’t a lottery anymore, it’s computer science. Whether matching your clients for hobbies or personal traits, smart CRM will provide you with a full report on all of the highlighted criteria. Your clients will be grateful to be in the right spot with the right person next to them.



Bring skills matching to the highest level. Easily find matches in your database for employment, mentorship, or training. Help people advance in their careers.

Contribute to the career growth path of your clients. Easily collect their professional experience, skills, and education information. Then use this data to match your clients with a dream job or a training course that will advance their career. Provide stronger chances for the talented candidates to find the opportunities where they're required the most, improving the overall career development process.



Add a matchmaking component to your events. Match your business and social events attendees for a more productive experience.

Create perfect event experiences with our event matching tools and make your attendees happy by being part of your events. Implement productive event matchmaking tools that provide valuable client experiences. Find the best matches at your business, social, or educational activities for your event participants. Whether offline or online your events will be fun, productive, and will create loyal raving attendees.



Match your association members based on their interests. Create more referrals, boost member value proposition, increase loyalty and engagement. Build new revenue channels.

Build professional relationships between the members of your association. Introduce members for business opportunities and personal interests. Establish referral programs for your organization and continue on developing unparalleled value proposition. Execute new progressive strategies by engaging the right members. Boost your association’s revenues and discover new profit channels.



Create fruitful environments and opportunities in large organizations for finding work, education, volunteer, and community service projects.

Design a dynamic environment using modern technologies. Find precise matches for people seeking arrangements in employment, social, or education programs. Cross-reference talents and skills with projects and tasks. Plug in the data requirements from a variety of volunteering programs or communities that need to discover resources to get the job done on time. Deliver timely results by relying on smart matching algorithms.



For causes that require the foremost attention, especially in times of crisis, nonprofit organizations can match intellectual and physical resources worldwide.

Match vital resources with the people and places that are in high demand and urgent need of support. Use geographical, psychographic and demographic criteria to match decisively in the most critical zones, Match intellect and physical strength with the places that need it the most. Always keep the essential data working for the good of humanity and bring prosperity worldwide.



Build stronger professional or social networks. Connect people and businesses from all walks of life based on their interests.

Benefit from creating your own private, professional network with carefully selected businesses and people. Receive smart suggestions based on the input data to make personalized introductions. Build extraordinary corporate or personal relationships. Always be on top of the most relevant opportunities by making precise matches to advance your and your network's success.