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Amazing interview with Shaun Emerson, Board President at MenLiving

February 08, 2023


We’re very happy to share an interview with Shaun Emerson from MenLiving, where he told us how SmartMatchApp is helping his open community create better connections. MenLiving is a non-profit organization and an open space for men to connect with each other, for support, healing and friendship opportunities. As Shaun said in the interview, MenLiving started 10 years ago, as a ‘small group of guys looking for more authentic connections’. Today, they have more than 1800 members, but the goal is the same! 

About Shaun Emerson

Shawn’s professional story started in the late 80s, in the tech industry. After successfully selling a few businesses, he focused on non-profit initiatives in order to help people live their lives to the fullest. The most recent and successful project he’s been deeply involved with, is MenLiving.

Story behind MenLiving

As Shaun said in our interview, the MenLiving initiative started as a ‘small group of guys in Todd Adams’s living room, meeting together for more authentic and deeper conversations’ (Todd is currently an Executive Director at MenLiving). Now, MenLiving is changing thousands of lives across the world. It is a space for men to gather, connect deeply with each other, make friends, and thrive together.

MenLiving Programs & Activities

- MenLiving: Full House - The Full House opportunities are open to all men and are designed for global consumption. Full Houses include personal growth and/or connection meetings scheduled throughout the week as well as meditations and separation/divorce meetings.

- MenLiving: Small Batches - The “small-batch” concept gives men a structure for gathering in smaller groups for a more intimate connection than might be had in a large virtual or in-person meeting.

- MenLiving: Special Stuff - The Special Stuff is the category of events that don’t fall into any other category including workshops, speaker series, in-person meeting, justice circle, annual weekends, and much more.

We’re so proud to have such an amazing client as MenLiving, and to pursue the same mission which is changing people’s lives for the better!

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