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Awesome Testimonial by Mary Harris

May 04, 2022


Awesome testimonial from one of our amazing clients, Mary Harris, President at Chicagoland Matchmaking. As president of the company, she personally meets and interviews potential clients to get a sense for what each person is seeking in a relationship. Chicagoland Matchmaking engages in a no-pressure approach in attracting new clients. They only work for clients who are committed to meeting someone special and are excited about their approach to matchmaking. Kindly visit Chicagoland Matchmaking website for more information, you'll be able to discover all about the company and connect for a potential collaboration. More information about Chicagoland Matchmaking is below.


Chicagoland Matchmaking, founded in 2008, was inspired by a glaring deficiency in the Chicago matchmaking market. To those who research, the market may seem over saturated by the large conglomerates, but in my professional opinion, this job is not one done well on a large scale. Interviewing and signing up with one person only to be passed on to someone else who manages your program seems like a veritable disaster in the making. Matchmaking is personal. Matchmaking is a process. Truly getting to know someone, through an interview, introductions, feedback, etc is the key to getting to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not. If you don’t work with the same person from start to finish, a lot gets lost in translation.I have helped many a matchmaker, not only in the Chicagoland area but on a national level as well. Matchmaking services who have sought my assistance and with whom I’ve successfully worked include Kelleher International, Matchmakers of Chicago, Model Quality Introductions, and Meaningful Matches. Because I have solid relationships with other matchmakers, I likely have the largest pool of resources in Chicago. I’ve built this business on relationships, consequent referrals, and generally just doing a good job for clients.

Chicagoland Matchmaking offers the best of both worlds- personalized, small business attention coupled with the resources and social network rivaling those of a larger firm.

Face to face interviews, an impressive social network, and building trusting relationships with clients are the hallmarks of Chicagoland Matchmaking.



Chicagoland Matchmaking’s process is what sets us apart from the rest of the dating world. Although CM often employs independent recruiters in an effort to continuously meet new people and keep our social network fresh, before any introduction is made, each potential client meets with the president. It is imperative to the success of the process that the person who meet and interviews clients is the same person who sees the entire program through to the end. This approach may be “old school”, but in this ever changing world of dating, I believe there is still an opportunity to get exposure to the right people while circumventing the perils of the online dating world…i.e. photos that are ten years old, meeting married people (I’ve heard it all), etc.

CM offers packages of introductions to both men and women.


Having a problem getting to the ever elusive second date?

Need help with your online dating profile(s)?

Need general guidance on jumping back into the dating world?

Chicagoland Matchmaking can help. Consider a series of sessions designed to get to the bottom of why your dating tactics aren’t producing desired results. CM focuses on connecting with clients to get a sense for where they’re coming from, assessing roadblocks head on, and creating an active plan to get you in a happy, productive relationship.

CM offers packages of coaching sessions.

Awesome testimonial from one of our amazing clients, Mary Harris, President at Chicagoland Matchmaking

"SmartMatchApp is a great tool for any matchmaking company- big or small. They offer many customizable tools, and it’s a great way to share information with clients and other matchmakers. I especially love that clients can log in and update their own profiles. Also, their customer service is fantastic- they always respond promptly when I reach out. Highly recommend!"

SmartMatchApp continues to provide personalized support to all our customers, the professional matchmakers, coaches, networkers, community builders and associations all around the world, who are making the difference every single day helping people connect. Smart business today with smart match app.

We are proud to be a part of their success by providing them with the world's leading professional matchmaking CRM.

Thank you Mary for the opportunity to share a part of your success story with the world!

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