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  • Calling all Entrepreneurs! Whatever your industry, if you’re passionate about connecting people, then matchmaking might just be for you…

Calling all Entrepreneurs! Whatever your industry, if you’re passionate about connecting people, then matchmaking might just be for you…

June 15, 2021


Can everyone really start a matchmaking business?

When you hear the word ‘matchmaking’, what do you think of?

For most people, matchmaking is a word that instantly conjures finding love but the world of matchmaking is actually a lot larger than most people realize.

From finding an investor to hiring a tutor, matchmaking is everywhere these days. It’s one of the most useful processes you can use to match customers with service providers, professional contacts, or skilled workers. Plus, with the continued advancements in AI technologies and the combination of matchmaking CRM software such as SmartMatchApp with automation software such as Zapier, the effectiveness of matchmaking services is only going to increase in the future.

Matchmaking is great for helping people find love (we all love love), but matchmaking is so much more than that – it’s about connecting people. Every industry requires human connections. As the worlds of work, education, and leisure continue to evolve, providing matchmaking services to businesses, investors, graduates, instructors, scientists, volunteers, social communities, and a whole host of others is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities out there for talented entrepreneurs looking for their next professional adventure.

Now is the time to set up your matchmaking business and get ahead of the rush. The question is, what kind of matchmaker do you want to be?

Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

Matchmaking Database

Matchmaking is in high demand in the financing industry

Start-ups need money, right? Whatever industry you’re in, finding investors is going to be a top priority. But, making those professional connections, especially during times of crisis like a pandemic, isn’t always that easy.

Matchmaking can help. Companies like Deals2Match and TBLI Group use cutting-edge SmartMatchApp Matchmaking CRM to connect investors to start-ups and companies looking for backing. Their systems tailor matches according to the needs of both the investor and recipient companies. They organize meetings between parties, help manage interactions, and even execute follow up on your behalf. The future of making professional connections is here, and there has never been a better time to get involved.

It might surprise you to learn that professional connection matchmaking is actually one of the fastest-growing areas of the matchmaking industry. In September last year, the start-up ‘Lunchclub’ received a massive $100 million valuation based on its success in providing professional introductions and matchmaking services. The good news is that today you can create your own Lunchclub using the customizable Matchmaking CRM, SmartMatchApp.

Matching investors with opportunities, or even just professionals who want to increase their network, is a growing industry that is just waiting for you to step into the fray.

Matchmaking Business

Matchmaking growth in education and career sectors

The world recently became very familiar with the idea of online learning, but education and learning have been available in all sorts of ways online for ages, and many of the companies offering those services utilize matchmaking in their process.

Leading international companies like Amgen Biotech use SmartMatchApp for the noble purpose of matching their vast, skillful, and experienced workforce with volunteering opportunities at schools. Matchmaking in education is ideal for both students and teachers, matching people to make the most of individual tutors’ skills and providing students with the kind of learning that best suits them.

Companies like Teachy use SmartMatchApp matchmaking software to match prospective students to the appropriate tutors, helping to make sure that every single customer gets the very best educational experience that they can. Using matchmaking software, Teachy is able to offer training across all of Switzerland, and this kind of model isn’t unique to your standard subjects like math and history. Inflight Pilot Training uses similar strategies to match prospective pilots to suitable instructors.

If you want to help people learn something, anything, a matchmaking model could be the right choice for you to get your educational business off the ground.

Matchmaking Algorithm

More examples of how matchmaking can make a difference in the world

If what you're calling in life is to make a difference, matchmaking can absolutely help you there too. From matching patients to healthcare professionals or just introducing people looking for mentorship, the systems and skills of matchmaking and connecting people, are useful for all sorts of things.

PrimaVita Surrogacy, for example, uses advanced matchmaking techniques and CRM software to match prospective surrogates with intended parents. Through a mix of personalized matchmaking, guidance, and support, PrimaVita uses a matchmaking model to help build families and create a process imbued with trust, security, and love. Imagine that! You could use matchmaking to literally change peoples’ lives.

But, Matchmaking isn’t just ideal for entrepreneurs looking for their next professional venture. Membership associations, and even charities and non-profit groups can all benefit from matchmaking systems too.

Xcel, the Females’ Center of Excellence and Leadership, is a membership association that uses matchmaking software in its LinkHer program, a free, volunteer-based, system providing female students and graduates with connections and experience. By using matchmaking software, Xcel can offer a life-changing service at no cost.

Matchmaking really is for everyone and it really can make a difference to peoples’ lives and futures. Life is built on connections, and matchmakers are passionate about helping make those connections to the right people, at the right time. What could be better?

Matchmaking Suggestions

How can you start a small matchmaking business?

If you ever have to connect two or more people in your line of work, matchmaking models could not only make your life easier, but they could improve your professional performance and even make you money.

The beauty of it is, starting up a matchmaking company isn’t that hard, or expensive. Because the entire model is software-based, all you need is a website, a decent piece of matchmaking CRM software, and a passion for connecting people. That’s it. You could be up and running a small business in just a day or two if you really wanted to.

If you’re a networker in any industry, you could use matchmaking software to link up customers with the right member of your team depending on what they need to be done, or you could even use matchmaking to provide quotes, matching your clients up to the relevant service package based on their information inputs. If you’re a recruiter or agency, you could use matchmaking to more effectively match freelancers with clients and projects. And yes, if you are a romantic matchmaker or dating coach, you can use high-quality matchmaking tools to increase your business's efficiency and allow you more time to work directly with clients instead of pouring over data.

Whatever service you provide, matchmaking software like SmartMatchApp can help you ensure that your customers get what they want, when they want it, saving you time, money, and resources. The possibilities are endless…

Matchmaking Suggestions

Ask yourself what you want to do. Then we’ll show you how matchmaking can help.

The new age of matchmaking is here. Whatever your passion, you can turn it into a small business and apply matchmaking strategies to help catapult you to success. Whether you’re tailor making custom suits or a developer looking to sell your software, matchmaking tools like SmartMatchApp will help you to deliver personalized, first-class products and services to your customers in record time.

Matchmaking is an industry that’s bursting with opportunities in almost every area of business imaginable.

Whatever your passion, whatever your business, matchmaking can help.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your free consultation with SmartMatchApp today and let us supercharge your business with matchmaking magic. Your customers are waiting, so let’s give them what they want.

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