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  • Connect SmartMatchApp with more than 2,000 Other Apps via Zapier, Smart Integrations and Mighty Automations that Make Your Matchmaking Business Prosper and Save Time

Connect SmartMatchApp with more than 2,000 Other Apps via Zapier, Smart Integrations and Mighty Automations that Make Your Matchmaking Business Prosper and Save Time

September 15, 2020


We live in the golden age of information. Our lives, our technology, and our data, everything’s connected. The time is now to work less, but more effective. Work smart while saving time. We’d like to introduce you to our brand new integration with Zapier.

All roads lead to Rome, and all apps lead to Zapier. You can now connect SmartMatchApp with more than 2,000 other apps via Zapier. Create custom triggers between different apps and execute commands one-by-one with Zaps. Automate your workflows with custom commands by using smart integration with other apps. Strategy is pretty simple, just a few steps to success, 1. When this happens… 2. Do this… 3. Do this… 4. Do this… and so on.

Key Features

  • Connect SmartMatchApp with over 2,000 apps, like Facebook Pages, Google GSuite, Calendly, ActiveCampaign and more
  • Create a variety of custom Zaps to execute your selected commands when particular rules are triggered
  • Build automated workflow environments by connecting all of your apps in one progressive system, use tailored triggers to improve your integration functionality

By connecting SmartMatchApp with Zapier you open a great door of opportunities to make your workflows more effective. Over 2,000 other apps like Google Sheets or Airtable, are at your service. For example: connect SmartMatchApp web forms with other CRMs by using Zapier. Create custom triggers to populate fields in both systems. This way one web form will populate both databases at once. Then improve your workflow even more by connecting SmartMatchApp CRM to email programs such as Mailchimp via Zapier. This way every new contact created within the SmartMatchApp CRM will populate your Mailchimp campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Automate your whole workflow process with Zapier integration to more than 2,000 other apps, from Squarespace to Salesforce, from Pinterest to Todolist
  • Money saving integration process, why hiring developers for the job if you can connect all of your apps in one progressive system that brings you success without developers’ effort
  • Save tons and loads of time on doing manual work, Zapier integration is here to take on all of your repetitive tasks

Custom Zaps can come pretty handy when dealing with overwhelming amounts of data. Automating the workflow is a solution to many problems at once. For one, by connecting all of your necessary apps, you’re creating an all-in-one system to process your business model. Two, you’re saving money on hiring new employees to do all of this repetitive work. And how much time will it take to find and recruit the right people? And then think of training and adapting to the workflow. Plus dealing with support and payrolls. SmartMatchApp integration with Zapier has all it takes to effectively assume all of your manual and small repetitive responsibilities. The time is now to work smart, the time is now to rely on the golden age of computer science and technology.

Learn more about How to Integrate SmartMatchApp with Zapier and start working smart today

Integrate SmartWatchApp with Zapier and connect to over 2,000 other apps

Populate many database systems at once with Zapier triggers (example for Agile CRM)

Automated population for newsletter systems (example for Mailchimp)

Create custom Zaps and set execution commands for your workflow

What an amazing golden age of smart systems and information technology. SmartMatchApp stands tall with its latest technological breakthroughs, and our latest Zapier integration is here to service you well. Say no to manual work, say yes to smart work. Save time with automations, save money on employees, save yourself a headache. Connect everything in one, and stay on top of your matchmaking business. Over compete your rivals and outsmart everyone in your industry with SmartMatchApp, we’re proudly the #1 matchmaking software CRM, happily servicing more than 100,000 users worldwide. Join our smart family and prosper with us.

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