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  • Exciting Interview with Robert Rubinstein, Chairman & Founder at TBLI Group

Exciting Interview with Robert Rubinstein, Chairman & Founder at TBLI Group

January 12, 2022


Robert Rubinstein, Chairman & Founder at TBLI Group from Amsterdam shares his professional story with SmartMatchApp today. Explore the most effective and efficient way to matchmake investors and companies in 2022. Learn how Robert and his team use professional matchmaking tools. Kindly visit TBLI Group website for more information, you'll be able to discover all about the company and connect for a potential collaboration. More information about TBLI Group is below.

Generating impact for 25 years

TBLI leverages IMPACT through 4 business lines which serve as a growth continuum of sustainable practice for asset managers, family offices, foundations and corporations.


Global conferences, think tank salons, and learning retreats dedicated to inspirational education in IMPACT strategies and sustainable corporate and fund investment practices. TBLI workshops offer a socratic method of discourse. Deals get done at TBLI.


Customized consulting and advisory for business/corporate development;capital access strategies, due diligence and measurement reporting. Real results for inclusion in sustainable ecosystems and operational success in the circular economy.

TEN Network

The TBLI Expert Network (TEN) is a global network of leading experts in academia, science, finance & capital markets, business operations/industry, and enabled technologies matrixed across IMPACT and sustainability themes and geographies. Wide lens and focused perspective for your investable portfolio.


The TBLI Foundation is a registered charitable foundation focused on educational, project and expedition learning in IMPACT and Sustainable investment themes, climate change, and best practices in the field. Tax advantaged donations in the U.K., U.S.A. and Hong Kong through Shared Impact.

The world will benefit when economy supports well-being

We are about creating an inclusive values-based economy. The aim is to maximize investment flows into sustainability initiatives by highlighting the benefits of triple bottom line investing.

The Definition Of  TBLI

Triple bottom line (abbreviated as TBL or 3BL) is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. These three divisions are also called the three Ps: people, planet and profit, or the "three pillars of sustainability". (Source: Wikipedia). The "I" stands for investing and thus as a whole refers to investments made involving the aforementioned, three bottom lines, instead of just one.

About TBLI, the Triple Bottom Line Group

For over 20 years, the Triple Bottom Line Investing Group (TBLI) has conducted operations through a proprietary network of Sustainability, Impact, and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) communities. Our firm has created a vertically integrated ecosystem of education and action through networking at public conferences, private events, and investor salons through TBLI CONFERENCE; capital markets, corporate advisory and OCIO services through TBLI CONSULTING; and educational experiences through the firm’s charitable organization, STICHTING TBLI.

TBLI CONFERENCE is the longest running values based global conference and convening business. Networking opportunities include bringing together thought leaders, asset managers, investors, and innovative organizations dedicated to public/private sustainable and social finance. TBLI’s events allow for peer-to-peer learning, local economic development, and new business development. Our signature event, TBLI NORDIC is one of the many events conducted by TBLI CONFERENCE. Convening is typically hosted at unique international venues that explore industry themes and customized content.

TBLI CONSULTING offers clients advisory and consulting for sustainable business models, business formation and corporate development. TBLI CONSULTING works with UHNW family offices, serial entrepreneurs and corporations onboarding triple bottom line investment strategies and/or investments. TBLI CONSULTING advises on new economic models, allocations, and innovative investments for sustainable and permanent private capital. Past clients include The Carbon Disclosure Project, SWFT, and the European Union.

STICHTING TBLI, the firm’s charitable organization, conducts educational services through convening, retreats, learning journeys and academic partnerships. These boots-on-the-ground experiences help our partners make actively informed social investment decisions. Registered in The Netherlands, STICHTING TBLI receives tax advantaged donations from the UK, USA and Hong Kong through Shared Impact, a UK registered donor advised fund. More information on STICHTING TBLI can be found at and

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