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Get the Scoop: Our Monthly Roundup of SmartMatchApp Updates Is Here!

March 04, 2024


Welcome to February with SmartMatchApp! As we step into the new month, we're thrilled to share some exciting updates. This month, our team has been dedicated to crafting updates that will make your matchmaking, networking, or mentoring journey even smoother and more impactful. Let's explore what's new together!

Implement Task Templates

Task Templates are pre-defined sets of tasks that can be easily applied to clients, projects, or any other workflow within SmartMatchApp. Whether you're managing client relationships, organizing events, or overseeing projects, Task Templates provide a convenient way to ensure consistency and efficiency in your processes.

Here are the main benefits for you: 

Save Time: Say goodbye to manual task creation. With Task Templates, you can instantly apply a predefined set of tasks to any client or project, saving you valuable time and effort. 
Ensure Consistency: Maintain consistency across your organization by standardizing common tasks and processes. Task Templates allow you to establish best practices and ensure that everyone follows the same workflow. 
Improve Organization: Keep your tasks organized and easily accessible. Task Templates provide a structured framework for managing your workflow, helping you stay on track and prioritize tasks effectively. 
Enhance Collaboration: Foster collaboration among team members by providing a clear roadmap of tasks and responsibilities. With Task Templates, everyone knows what needs to be done and can work together more efficiently.

Check out this video to learn how to create task templates:

Introducing Our New Client Page UI

With this UI latest update, we've revamped the client profile view to offer you a sleeker, more user-friendly interface, but with the same functionality for both Profile and Match Preferences tabs, along with the profile sidebar data.

Here's what you can expect from the new UI:

Sleeker Design: The client page now boasts a modern and polished appearance, providing a more visually appealing interface.
Improved Readability: Texts have been refined for enhanced readability, making it easier for you to access and comprehend important information at a glance.
Alignment with Introductions Layout: We've aligned the client page layout with the format of our recently launched Introductions feature, ensuring consistency and cohesion across the platform.

Check out more on this video below:

Customize Request Profile Update Final Text

This brand new feature allows agency users like you to personalize the thank you notes or final text when clients update their profiles through the Request Profile Updates feature!

Learn more on the video below:

Powerful Elastic search (Global Search Bar)

Located prominently at the top of your SmartMatchApp dashboard, the Global Search bar is your go-to tool for finding the most relevant information quickly and easily. Designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity, this feature is the first step in our journey to empower you with even more powerful search capabilities.

Here's what you need to know about this game-changing update:

Comprehensive Search: Search across all profiles, notes, tasks, and events within SmartMatchApp from one centralized location. 
Relevancy: The search algorithm is designed to prioritize the most relevant results, ensuring that you find what you're looking for quickly and efficiently. 
Results Rate: To ensure optimal performance, the search output is currently limited to a set number of results per search, sorted and shown by relevancy.


To start using the Global Search bar, simply locate the search icon at the right-hand top of your SmartMatchApp dashboard and enter your query. Our intuitive search functionality will do the rest, providing you with a comprehensive list of results in no time.

Before we wrap up, we encourage you to explore our latest February features. Experience the benefits of improved matches and connections firsthand! Your feedback is crucial to us as we strive to enhance your networking experience. Thank you for being part of SmartMatchApp. Stay connected!

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