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How A Mentorship Community Uses Matchmaking CRM Software To Help Connect Lady Entrepreneurs And Provide A Networking Environment

May 17, 2022


FEMpreneurhulp, a group of extraordinary women based in the Netherlands, has an excellent vision and strives to support female entrepreneurs in all of the issues brought on by the current global crisis, providing specialist support to get a firm through it. After all, we are stronger together than apart. Isn't it true that not all heroes wear capes?

Mentors can share their knowledge with others giving them the pleasure and fulfillment in revitalizing a mentee’s career by receiving constructive criticism in crucial areas including communications, interpersonal relationships, and technical talents so one can better improve. It also helps mentees to increase their focus on what they need to do to advance professionally.

Mentees can also learn specialized talents that are applicable to both professional and personal objectives, and allow mentees to network with a more powerful person who can help them expand their influence inside the company. By using a great matchmaking CRM, mentors can also help gain a better understanding of various departments within a mentee’s company.

How A Mentorship Community Uses Matchmaking CRM Software To Help Connect Lady Entrepreneurs And Provide A Networking Environment


What is the importance of Female Mentorship and Mentoring?

According to Forbes’ article published in October 2021, women mentoring women is so important—it helps them gain access to opportunities and cultivates their confidence in an often still male-dominated business environment. When more women lead, it creates a diversified leadership team open to discussing multiple perspectives that improve decision-making and strengthens the organization to face the challenges of the future. Women can learn more about themselves and develop useful skills in a secure, supportive, and encouraging setting through a female mentorship program. Skills that can help you achieve your goals and grow professionally and personally. 

As Amal Clooney once said, “The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do – women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticizing one another.”

How does Matchmaking help FEMpreneurhulp with Effective Mentoring?

Identifying the aim of the mentoring program is the first step toward achieving effective matchmaking between mentors and mentees. The mentoring program's objectives must be clearly established. Think of building your own heroine character. You really need to think hard about what kind of a superwoman you’d like to be. Do you want to be someone who can time travel? Or someone with super strength? Or maybe someone with such an amazing speed? Or maybe all of the above? Just think hard. Without a clear aim, organizations frequently make big assumptions in the matching process, assuming what criteria make sense to match on rather than connecting it to the program's organizational goals. This can result in poor matches, unsatisfied participants, minimal interest, and, eventually, a waste of everyone's time. Understanding the program's goal will aid you in establishing criteria and deciding the type of matching to use. One can’t just go ballistic even though we all know how ballsy women can get.


How A Mentorship Community Uses Matchmaking CRM Software To Help Connect Lady Entrepreneurs And Provide A Networking Environment

The second step is to figure out what kind of matching you want to do. This is the part where you need to know how you’re going to achieve acquiring those superpowers as you build your own heroine character. With the main objective in mind, it's time to decide which form of matching you'll use in the program, based on both parties’ needs. To evaluate which pairing will work best for a mentor and a mentee, FEMpreneurhulp considers several criteria such as their availability, the industries a mentee wish to improve on, and what the mentor’s expertise they can best share with the mentee. In this procedure, the preferences of the people involved should be taken into account. Participants are more likely to be invested when they have a say in who their mentor/mentee is, increasing the odds that the match is a good fit for both parties and helpful to the organization.

For matching mentors and mentees, the third stage is to construct profiles and match preferences. Now, this is where these superwomen get to choose the kind of heroine costumes they wish to wear! Pretty fab, right? FEMpreneurhulp’s mentoring participants will bring to the program a variety of skills, experience, and organizational knowledge. It’s like choosing their preferred boots or stilettos, or maybe a headdress or the weapon of their choice while morphing into that heroine that they are after having attained the power that they wish to have. Make sure they’re matching them on the appropriate availability, skill traits, and expertise to that of a mentee’s time and wishes to learn more. To do this, mentors and mentees fill out their profiles via a submission form. Based on the objectives of the program, these profiles will contain elements to help create successful matches. 

Many mentorships will flourish if they are left to their own devices. Some, however, may not. Why? Because mentoring is often not a natural talent or part of one's everyday routine. FEMpreneurhulp then provides direction to ensure mentor and mentee advancement throughout the journey. The SmartMatchApp CRM’s intelligent algorithm can speed up the matching process and produce more successful matches in less time. With SmartMatchApp, great companies such as FEMpreneurhulp help them to fine-tune the process so that the most critical criteria are given priority in matching results, for example, while maintaining a consistent set of rules across the board. It’s totally like building an overall and complete superwoman package, with SmartMatchApp acting as the fairy godmother (**fairy dust sprinkles**) of course! Additionally, automating relieves administrators of a time-consuming task. It's critical to understand how one can maximize their time, effort, and effectiveness as the mentoring program grows.

How SmartMatchApp help female mentoring organizations and communities?

Matchmaking CRMs such as SmartMatchApp can help you in various and vast ways! Oh, we can go on and list them all down here but you have to make sure you’re ready for some happy camping. The value of mentoring within an organization may enhance retention, facilitate development, and build a stronger leadership bench, but only if you start off on the right foot. Never underestimate the value of a good match–Nah-uh! Just breathe in, let it out, then take a planned, proactive strategy now to improve your chances of success in the future.

There is no single doubt that the SmartMatchApp CRM can be used to provide perfect matches and send introductions. As for FEMpreneurhulp, their goal is to support women during hard times like the COVID-19 era as an example.

With SmartMatchApp’s ever-growing and a continuous-improving intelligent algorithm, it allows any matchmaker, not just for dating matches, but for any other industries that matchmaking applies, to find the most suitable mentor for a mentee. In order to do this, one must consider the needs for both parties to be able to gain knowledge of the mentee's past and experience that will help a mentor aid their career and personal advancement, allowing mentees to use a mentor's skills to gain essential knowledge and insights. Now, that’s one tough flower power right there, folks! 

Until next time! xoxo

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