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How a professional networking organization leverages matchmaking and membership software CRM for their community events and mentorship program

August 24, 2023


In an era where technology is at the forefront of almost every industry, the need for diversity and inclusion is more pressing than ever. One person leading the charge is Dennis Schultz, the Executive Director at Blacks in Technology Foundation, the largest community of black people in the tech industry. Simultaneously, Dennis holds a role as a Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft.

Driven by a fierce desire to open doors for others into the tech industry, Dennis's story is both inspiring and instructive. It offers valuable insights into the importance of diversity in tech and how every individual can contribute to this crucial cause.

From small peer networking community to global impact

It all started with a simple idea. A vision, if you will. The founder of Blacks in Technology believed in the power of networking and innovation, and brought together a group of people who shared the same belief. This gathering marked the birth of Blacks in Technology. 

In the early days, Blacks in Technology was just a small networking group. But the vision and determination of its founder and team members made it possible for the organization to overcome numerous challenges and evolve into something much bigger. Today, Blacks in Technology is more than just a brand. It's a global networking organization recognized for its contributions to the tech industry.

How has matchmaking technology changed the game for Dennis’s professional networking organization?

In the digital age, managing a global membership base is a complex task. It involves understanding member distribution, engaging with them effectively, and providing valuable experiences.

In this context, Dennis shares his favorite SmartMatchApp features, which have made a significant difference in his work.

The power of dynamic mapping feature and sponsor access

One of the most appreciated features Dennis mentions is dynamic mapping, an innovative tool that provides a visual representation of where members are located globally. Why is this important? 

Imagine knowing exactly where your members are situated. You can tailor communications according to their time zones, design networking events that cater to their geographical preferences, and even recognize potential growth areas. Dynamic mapping makes all of this possible.

The other feature Dennis is growing to like even more is the incorporation of sponsor access to the member management platform. This feature is a game-changer because it fosters transparency and creates a better experience for everyone involved.

It streamlines the sponsor-management process. Instead of constant back-and-forth communication, sponsors can directly access the information they need, saving time and reducing potential miscommunication.

Pre-event engagement: a catalyst for success for this networking community

Interaction among attendees before the event sets the stage for a more vibrant and engaging experience. As Timothy Stanley, a renowned tech expert, notes, pre-event interaction "always makes events more interesting." But how do you facilitate such engagement?

Dennis figured that leveraging the power of SmartMatchApp events will make this happen! 

‘By creating the event and making it accessible to attendees, you allow them to see who else is attending, opening up opportunities for networking and discussion before the actual event. This not only heightens anticipation but also enriches the overall event experience.’, Dennis said.

Benefits of BiT Membership

Career Support: Job boards, mentorships, and strategic partnerships give members an upper hand in their job search and career advancement goals.

Networking opportunities: Professional and social events connect our community. Virtual and physical events are core to the BIT mission.

Tech resources: Through our relationships, the BIT Foundation offers discounts on technical training, and events and conferences.

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Are you ready to revolutionize your networking organization? Start by exploring our SmartMatchApp matchmaking and membership software CRM platform. Remember, a more efficient system leads to happier members and satisfied sponsors!

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