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  • How smart tasks feature can make your matchmaking job easier all within one matchmaking and membership software CRM

How smart tasks feature can make your matchmaking job easier all within one matchmaking and membership software CRM

November 10, 2020


Productivity is always the key to the door of success and prosperity in any company. In the matchmaking business, being productive might prove difficult, especially dealing with many clients and managing a big membership database. Well, you can forget about all of these difficult times now, Smart Tasks have got your back!

Check out the latest task management update within our matchmaking and membership CRM. Create tasks in just a few clicks, assigning them to yourself or your team members. Add due dates and priorities for every single task. Plus keep an eye on the execution with task activities, status updates and tags. A cherry on top - create custom reminders and attach additional files for your selected tickets. And of course the most friendly interface is at your service!

Key Features

  • Assign smart tasks to yourself or selected team member in mere clicks, creating a perfectly organized client management environment
  • Set precise rules to complete smart tasks, from advanced descriptions to due dates to priorities, attach files and create custom reminders for every single task
  • Add custom tags and filtering out and sorting tasks by clients or due dates and particular tags

Assigning tasks is as easy as clicking a few buttons. You and your matchmaking team will have a perfect idea of the workflow agenda and their to do lists. User friendly interface will keep you and your team posted on overall process execution at all fronts. Users will be able to see their own tasks as well as the team efforts too. You can start filtering and sorting by due dates, priorities, linked clients to have a better understanding of the tasks at hand. Create tags for your membership clients to make them stand out and assign status updates for keeping track of the progress with a particular client. Add advanced descriptions with photos and videos or lists and web links, attaching any types of files necessary to complete a task smoothly. Plus custom reminders will always keep you in the loop to get the job done on time. And that’s how Smart Tasks make your life so much easier, remembering for you, and having your back when it comes to progressive project management!

Key Benefits

  • Save time and energy with the smart task board with simple user friendly interface that has your important to do data in one place
  • Easy to work with custom task can be adjusted to service many business models at once, from status updates to tagging solutions to adaptive reminders
  • Convenience of adding attachments, descriptions, due dates, priorities and activities

What a great advantage it is to have a smart membership management and matchmaking system that saves you tons and loads of time and makes your workflow easier than ever before. You set the rules and smart tasks do the rest to keep you on top of your matchmaking job. Interface is simple and friendly to understand and navigate. Smart boards can be filtered and sorted to display only the information that you require the most in just a few simple clicks. Your business process will be crystal clear with colorful custom tags and adjusted priorities, as well as task status updates and all the due dates with a list of all of the selected clients and memberships and all of this in one place. And if there’s a need to learn more about a task at hand, you can click and open the task and learn all of the additional information about the client and review the attachment files with the advanced descriptions. Easy smart matchmaking and project management that saves time and energy!

Explore How to Use Task Manager help article and check out our Training Video on Task Features

Simple smart tasks interface will keep you and your matchmaking team and your membership organization on top of an important daily routine

Select due dates and priorities for your matchmaking tasks, as well as status tags with custom reminders, plus you can even have attachments for every single tasks

Assign brand new tasks yo yourself or your team members directly from your client profiles

Technology takes over the world! And this is really great news, like Cloud 9 type of really great news. More time for you to spend with your family and loved ones, more energy to do what you love to do the most, more room for extra adventures or sleep time. Smart Tasks are here for you to make your professional life easier and keep your matchmaking and membership organization business organized above and beyond. Why remember everything, if you can remember only the moments that make your heart beat faster? Keep the work at work, and keep your plans and to do lists inside the smart tasks. Working smart is the best way to build a great matchmaking business and membership. Achieve high end results with the speed of light. SmartMatchApp is always here for you, we’re improving and enhancing the matchmaking and membership software CRM every month, and the farther we go the better it gets. We’re in this together our dear matchmakers, and we’ll grow together too, because teamwork is quality work. Start working smart with us today!

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