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How to Create Your Community – The Matchmaking Way

September 28, 2021


There are few things more powerful than a community, and nowhere is that more true than in today's world.

Community connections are what success is built on. As the world moves towards becoming more competitive and demanding, it has never been more important to build and nurture a community. It luckily also has become easier than ever to create a community with digital tools and even across the world.

The question is, what’s next for online communities? 

We believe the future is in creating hyper niche communities based on special interests and on applying cutting-edge matchmaking principles and technologies to invigorate your communities. Such an innovative approach creates timely personal connections and relationships when and where it matters the most.

Finding your hyper niche

These days, whatever group you belong to or the service you require, there is sure to be an online community waiting to connect with you. The attention of the internet began to swing away from the titans of the industry towards smaller and personalized communities. 

From finding dates to finding mentors to finding caregivers, whatever industry you work in, there will always be people who have similar interests and who need active connections. Building a niche community creates a pool that can be effectively matched for relevant opportunities. In the world of investment, for example, start-ups and their entrepreneurial founders can be paired up with interested investors or mentors whose portfolios and mentorship interests align perfectly. In the healthcare world, caregivers and nannies can be matched with patients and families. And, of course, in the dating world, communities of singles can be seamlessly matched according to a specific range of detailed characteristics and desires.

Making connections and building communities founded on shared goals and interest is fundamentally human, and yet the understanding of how matchmaking principles can be applied to building community is only just developing.

Now is the time. 

Find your niche, build your community, and let the success unfold before your eyes.

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive

Getting the matchmaking platform for your community

Sure, services like Slack or Teams provide the ability to look up and chat with people, but they don’t actively seek to match individuals based on characteristics, professional needs, education levels, personal lives, and careers goals, or any other rubric that could prove endlessly useful. These platforms don’t easily create personal matches, they act more like directories and messaging apps and make members put in all the hard work.

What if you could create a niche community online with the matchmaking concept already built into it? What if, with just a few simple steps you could set up a matchmaking platform such as  SmartMatchApp to generate matches in your community. Imagine that your community members open their computers and get introduced to matches for their most current interest. For example, you are a member of a mentorship community and you are looking for a coach now.  The matching algorithm sends you your perfect coach match in real-time.

That would be really cool, right?

We can help make that happen.

Take a look…

Amgen Biotech

You might think that matchmaking doesn’t really create communities, but Amgen Biotech Experience is here to prove that wrong. We helped this incredible company match its huge, skilled STEM workforce with volunteering opportunities and schools, creating a community of education volunteers that are actively building the minds of future scientists, engineers, and technicians.

SmartMatchApp helped Amgen Biotech to build bridges between school and real-life biosciences. We helped build a community that prepares the next generation of scientists and innovators and provides access to cutting-edge science and thrives on shared goals and aligning interests.

In a typical year, approximately 90,000 students and 1,500 science teachers participate in this program and have the opportunity to explore the methods scientists use to create biotechnology medicines. The reach of the program has been extraordinary, with nearly 850,000 students to date have experienced the fundamentals of biotechnology across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive

The Chic Geek

What could be more fulfilling than assisting women who want a clear path to advancement?  The Chic Geek is an amazing mentorship community that identified a real-world problem and is working smart and hard to solve it. They know “there are not enough women in tech and the women we do have are leaving”.

Women hold only 25% of computing roles & 56% of those women leave their companies mid-career. The number one reason women are leaving is that they can’t see a path to advancement. And The Chic Geek team is here to change that. The mission is truly uplifting. Women are passionate and dedicated to their careers, and the diversity women bring to the tech table is integral in achieving dynamic and innovative results in the workplace (and in the world).

SmartMatchApp is helping the wonderful Chic Geek team matchmaking mentorship connections to facilitate community building and career pathing. 

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive

Join the Fight Back

And what about a community centered around solving the global climate and health crisis! FightBack is an innovative international non-profit platform for executives, thought leaders, coming together to engage and jointly create a sustainable and healthy future.

FighBack acts on three core principles. Cross-border - climate & health challenges are global issues that can only be solved with international collaboration. Cross-sector - break silos to highlight impact opportunities at the intersection of industries and ecosystems. ​Intrinsic motivation - join as private individuals to act outside our organizational borders and provide proactive support to each other.

SmartMatchApp is helping FightBack matchmaking leaders in order to increase genuine and international collaboration, to accelerate the global transition towards a healthy planet with healthy people.

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive

How can you build your niche community?

Stand out, show compassion, and find a community voice that’s inviting. You need to show that you care about what you do, and the people who you do for. That’s what communities are built on, after all. Shared goals and mutual compassion. That’s how you build a community that will keep coming back and supporting your business. 

  1. Make sure your community voice is friendly and personal. Create a character for your brand that people actually like and want to interact with. People these days don’t want to interact with boring corporate entities, they want to feel like they’re dealing with actual human beings and are being heard by the people they do business with.
  2. Show the human side of your company. Use that informal brand voice to actually connect with clients and build your community from there. Show your customers that you and your entire staff really do care, and they will care more about you. They might even start recommending you to their friends and loved ones, which will only serve to grow your new community.
  3. Deliver on your promises and invite further engagement. Give them the option they need to engage. Offer them personal matchmaking and introductions, and make sure you get in touch and follow through. Gather feedback from your members and stay in the loop for as long as possible.

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive

Matchmake your way to a repeat success in your community

Building a community is how businesses of the future, like yours, will thrive. By creating a platform that connects people and providing regular matchmaking and introductions that your  community actually cares about, you will be able to stimulate repeat success and referral streams easily and effectively. Once clients are part of a community, and they feel engaged through personal matching and introductions, they’re more likely to want to stay engaged with that community - your community.

To create a community that works for this kind of matchmaking process and to build a platform that’s both inviting and at the cutting edge, you’ll need help. And that’s something that we here at SmartMatchApp can help you with.

With our state-of-the-art SmartMatchApp matchmaking CRM software platform and website design arm SmartNextStudio, we can help you to lay the foundations of your very own online matchmaking community in just a few easy steps. Our team, ready to help you build your matchmaking process in your community.

We’re waiting to hear from you.

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