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Kanban Tasks: A New and Powerful Productivity Tool Addition to the Matchmaking CRM

September 24, 2022


The recent Kanban Tasks implementation is our definitive step towards the ability to manage projects, tasks, and even sales processes all within SmartMatchApp. In fact, it even has the potential to replace other project management software you are using such as Trello, Asana, or It all depends on your use case, of course, so we will dive into it and let you decide for yourself!

It goes without saying, Kanban enhances how well your organization can function as a unit and solve problems. Together, with collaboration and a visual representation of how the team progresses, SmartMatchApp aims to incorporate the Kanban method into all of its matchmaking CRM software users. We believe firmly that a successful community or network is driven and accomplished through teamwork and methodological collaboration. 

Hence, the birth of the Kanban Tasks features in SmartMatchApp.

Kanban Tasks

Key Benefits of Kanban Tasks with the Matchmaking Software

Kanban Tasks feature aims to be the most flexible tool possible for your team. It enables you to visualize your projects, tasks, reminders, and even sales funnels, all in one place, and it increases productivity, transparency, and collaboration, and helps reach your goals, and objectives. On Kanban boards, work is represented visually, enabling you to manage even the most complicated projects in a single place while optimizing job delivery across team members.

Applications of Kanban Tasks in our Matchmaking Tool

  • Manage all your projects with visual kanban boards
  • Track sales follow-ups and pipeline deals all in one place
  • Get all your Tasks and Reminders done on time

How To Use Kanban Tasks in SmartMatchApp

So, now… for the more practical part, and we know you’re all yearning to know how does SmartMatchApp’s Kanban work within the system? Say no more! Here’s how ~

Agency managers are able to create a series of Task Statuses and Task Tags that agency members or users can use to label and tag their work-in-progress.

Managers can then organize, add, delete, and move around boards. They can also set color hues for each tag for added visuals to the tasks created.

Once these are set, agency users can then check out Kanban by clicking Tasks on the left-hand navigation panel of your SmartMatchApp system and choosing Kanban view.

Kanban Tasks

People then can set due dates, set alarms, enter their client’s names directly into each board for quick access, list down all of the intended work to be done, add statuses, tag them accordingly based on the task, and they can also mention each team member within the agency.

For a more organized approach, we’ve also added the advanced search function into Kanban so you can search by Task Creator name, Created Date, Due Date, and Client involved.

Kanban TasksWe’ve also incorporated the ability to filter boards by Tags and Assignee, and boards can also be sorted by Created Date, Due Date, and Priorities.

Kanban Tasks

This ensures that no agency member is left behind and that everyone has visibility over the goals and tasks as a team. Transparency is one key to achieving clear results at a certain step of the way. Now, that’s a collaborative methodology right at your fingertips as previously discussed at the onset of this article.

The Kanban Tasks are being served to you, but it is how we take it into our own hands. When to take it and how to take it is all up to you! And with SmartMatchApp, we don’t want anything but for all of our clients and their communities and networks to achieve success by allowing us to help you get the best help possible - software-wise!

Until the next feature release, folks!

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