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Lovely Testimonial by Andrea LaRosa Coaching

February 09, 2022


Great testimonial from one of our amazing clients, Andrea LaRosa Coaching, Professional Training & Coaching. Leaving behind her dedicated career as a filmmaker, she decided to pursue a career as a life coach. Andrea moved to Central California and began her journey. Now she helps men attract high value women without fear of rejection or initimidation. Kindly visit Andrea LaRosa Coaching website for more information, you'll be able to discover all about the company and connect for a potential collaboration. More information about Andrea LaRosa Coaching is below.


Leaving behind my dedicated career as a filmmaker, I decided to pursue a career as a life coach. I moved to Central California and began my journey.

Now I help men attract high value women without fear of rejection or initimidation.

I am a certified life coach, relationship coach, and a master practitioner in NLP. I`ve hosted local singles events, speed dating , and group seminares.

Together we can get you feeling back on track to a better YOU. The attitude you will get back from the world. Let`s be sure you`re getting the positive life experiences you deserve.

All courses:

  • Date with Purpose (complete course)
  • Beat the Algorithm: The Dirty Truth About Dating Apps Mini-Course
  • 7 Day Self Care Challenge (FREE)

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking care of yourself first will only benefit your partner. It will nurture your relationship and give you the energy and love you need to maintain a loving relationship.

Date smarter instead of harder by letting me do all the hard work for you. Sign up today to be added to my exclusive database where I match you with one of my eligible clients.

Interested in being set up with a potential match from my database AND receive personalized coaching? Book a call with me today. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can help you find the love you’ve longed for and deserve.

Andrea LaRosa Coaching shares an amazing Testimonial with SmartMatchApp today.

"Not only is the product EXACTLY what I needed but the support was top notch!! I am really excited to a part of this community and having this CRM is growing my business at a rate I had never expected!"

SmartMatchApp continues to provide personalized support to all our customers, the professional matchmakers, coaches, networkers, community builders and associations all around the world, who are making the difference every single day helping people connect. Smart business today with smart match app.

We are proud to be a part of their success by providing them with the world's leading professional matchmaking CRM.

Thank you Andrea for the opportunity to share a part of your success story with the world!

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