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Make Calls and Send Texts with Twilio Integration

January 19, 2021


Throughout history, communication always was, and still is the key to run a successful business. Because building a strong communication with your clients and partners is a guarantee of a fruitful long term relationship.

Our dearest users, we’re happy to present you our latest brave development, Twilio integration. Now you can connect with your Twilio account and start making phone calls and send text messages to your clients directly from your matchmaking database. Just open a profile of your particular client and make a call directly from there. Or let’s say you now want to mass text all of your clients an important invitation, well you can do it too, select everyone in your database and write a warm text message to your amazing clients. But can you receive text messages to your matchmaking CRM software? Yes you can! And these messages will be recorded to the system log and stay there in everyone of your clients profile. This way, later on, you can check and see your text history with a particular client.

Key Features

  • Establish a professional phone number in Twilio, then make phone calls to your awesome clients right from your matchmaking database too
  • Compose text messages and send them to your clients, plus get texts from them as well, all of your messaging history is stored within your CRM database for every single client
  • Mass text your clients and don’t worry about your messages going to spam, for there’s no spam folder in the texting world, your dear clients will always get your messages

Twilio allows you to pick a phone number that fits perfectly with your business. You can then integrate your Twilio account with the SmartMatchApp system. To make a phone call just open your client profile and click make a phone call button. When you have an incoming call from your client the system will notify you. Same applies to the texting feature. Within your client profile click on send a text message button and compose your message. When there’s a text message from your client the system will let you know as well. All of these text messages are saved within your database for every single client. You can always check your client profiles to see your text history with them. Plus you can send texts to all of your clients, or maybe to just a particular group of people. Easy day for you with smart communication tools.

Key Benefits

  • Twilio setup takes just a few minutes, you can pick almost any phone number you like and start using it, then integration with SmartMatchApp takes even less than minute
  • Secure communication lines, great sound quality, and of course fair pricing policy above all that will let you use your new phone number to its limits
  • Easy to use texting features, plus your text messages will always get delivered because there are no spam folders, you’ll always stay on top of your matchmaking business

It’s super simple to create an account with Twilio and takes literally a few minutes to complete the process. You’ll be able to pick and choose from the provided list of phone numbers or type your own and see if it’s available to use. Twilio and SmartMatchApp integration is a mere copy paste job of a few authentication tokens. And of course all of your precious data is secured with Twilio and our protocols. We’re following all the GDPR, PIPEDA and Privacy Shield rules. Twilio provides fair prices starting at $0.0085/min to receive and $0.013/min to make a call, and starting at $0.0075 to send or receive a message. The cherry on top of your professional communication journey would be absolute delivery of every single one of your priceless text messages. Spam folders don’t exist in the texting world so you’ll always be able to connect with your awesome clients. Wonders modern technology are at your service once more.

Explore our help article on How to Integrate Twilio with SmartMatchApp

On a call with a client from their profile screenshot

On a call with a client from their profile screenshot

Texting a client right from your matchmaking database screenshot

Texting a client right from your matchmaking database screenshot

Twilio and SmartMatchApp integration settings screenshott

Twilio and SmartMatchApp integration settings screenshot

Our dearest users, we truly believe that you’ll find this newest Twilio integration useful for your matchmaking business, for connecting people and making people happy is an honorable goal. Warm communication shows care, care builds trust, and trust creates a great long term personal and professional relationship. Twilio is a leader when it comes to establishing healthy communication solutions, and we’re leaders when it comes to selecting a matchmaking software CRM. Combine one and two and you’ll get a superior product to service your matchmaking business for good. Anyways, we’d like to wish you, our dear readers, the happiest New Year, and may this year bring success and prosperity to you and yours.

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