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Matchmaking and Networking in Any Industry with SmartMatchApp

Match Anything in Any Industry. Match People, Projects, Services, Products and More.  

This new feature is useful for professional matchmakers and networkers in any industry. We have reworked the matching mechanism to make high-grade, multiple Client Types matching available.

Create different Client Types and apply these types to your profile fields to group and display specific fields in each type of profile.  For example: if you want to create a Mentor profile which is different from Mentee profile, or if Investor profile is different from Business Owner profile, you can create separate Types in each type of profile.

Matchmaking applications examples:

- Business Matchmaking and Networking 

- Career Matching 

- Event planning and organizing 

- Real Estate 

- Manufacturing

- Supply Chain 

- Advertising

- Education

- Travel 

- Finance and Banking 

- Health 

- Anything

This new feature also includes ability to Search and Match all Client Types without any significant changes to the existing process.

Please feel very free to contact us as always, we are here to help!

SmartMatchApp Team