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  • Maya Starykava, Owner and Personal Matchmaker at Date for 2, Shares Her Professional Matchmaking Story and How She Uses SmartMatchApp

Maya Starykava, Owner and Personal Matchmaker at Date for 2, Shares Her Professional Matchmaking Story and How She Uses SmartMatchApp

June 01, 2021


Maya Starykava, Owner and Personal Matchmaker at Date for 2, Shares Her Professional Matchmaking Story and How She Uses SmartMatchApp. Explore how Maya and her team use professional matchmaking tools. Date for 2`s clients  are enterprising and educated people who want to find a soulmate. So if ‘continuous’ dating is not your favourite hobby kindly visit Date for 2 website for more information, you'll be able to discover all about the company and connect for a potential collaboration. More information about Date for 2 is below.

Personal Matchmaker

For well educated and selective singles from 25 years

Maya Starykava, Owner and Personal Matchmaker at Date for 2, Shares Her Professional Matchmaking Story and How She Uses SmartMatchApp. Explore how Maya and her team use professional matchmaking tools. A few great tips from Maya for starting matchmakers are at the end.

Offline dating for high educated, self-confident and self-aware singles. Are you looking for a serious relationship? Do you have a busy life and not enough time to search for a new love? Or are you dating very actively but it has not brought you anything yet? You could undoubtedly use your precious time better and the solution is within reach. Delegate your search to a competent and results-oriented professional. Maybe a little less romantic but rather efficient and effective!

As Personal Matchmakers, we consider dating the means and not the goal. Therefore we match very carefully and a successful “Date for 2” is only successful in our opinion when it results in a beautiful relationship. So if ‘continuous’ dating is not your favourite hobby then you are in the right place!

Below you can see how it works.

1. Meet your matchmaker

Should you consider becoming a member at Date for 2, we will gladly have a noncommittal introduction interview. During this interview we explain you who we are and what our method is. In addition, you describe in short your background and what you expect from the collaboration. Based on a first assessment we will do a viability analysis. It is not a guarantee but an indication so you can judge whether we are the right “partner in business” for you.

2. Intake

Should both you and we have confidence in a successful mediation, the next step is the intake. The intake consists of a depth interview (which gives us insight into your world, standards and values, matching criteria) and a personality test (to give insight into your view of humanity, as into your character). We build up a profile carefully on the basis of the conversation and the result of the test. Our Consultants make comprehensive personal descriptions which allow them to make qualitatively good matches.

3. Matching

The matching process begins after the intake. Our consultants will start searching “a like-minded” based on the personality profile. In case of a good compatibility, the introduction follows. A (extensive) personal description is proposed and the Consultant explains why there is a match, according to him/her. When you both agree to meet the written (contact-) information is exchanged. Then the tense moment comes - you are going to meet. In the best case scenario, after that the status of your registration changes to “non-active” or we continue the search and of course consider your feedback on that.

The availability within the membership determines how long it takes before getting an introduction. On average it takes four weeks (from intake) before members have their first introduction.

4. Coaching & support

Why? This service to our members is designed to make you feel good about dating. Even when it has been a while for you. After all, dating should be fun! How? You make an appointment with your Consultant and you take a closer look together at your dilemma. What is hampering you? What is it that you find exciting or scary? What are you afraid of and how realistic is that thought? Of course you can also address them for general dating tips and advice.

Our Memberships

We work with highly accomplished singles on local, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on specific regions within the Europe.

Within these regions, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles.

We strongly encourage members to dedicate twelve months to finding their significant other, as this allows sufficient time to truly explore and uncover the type of person with whom you should spend your life, and for us to work together in finding that person. Some may accomplish their relationship and marriage goals much sooner.


Includes national searches and are intended for singles who wish to find their significant other in their country.


Includes international searches, and are intended for singles who do not wish to have a geographical limit on finding their significant other.


Because every search is specific, we create a tailored recruitment plan. When do we use the tools and which of them? Where do we use them? In what way? You can count on an exclusive service that focuses on results, involvement and transparency. This multidisciplinary approach not only makes us stand out... but above all guarantees success!

Maya Starykava

45, graduated sinds 2017 owner Date for 2 and Personal Matchmaker

I met my current partner early 2016 at an event organised by Date for 2.

We met each other a couple of times there and when I returned to the Netherlands after a month of trekking in the Himalayas, we had our first date. And now we have been happily together for more than four years. It is the most wonderful relationship experience I have had. When Date for 2 was looking for a new colleague, my interest has aroused quickly. Through my personal experience with Date for 2 I was quickly convinced that the approach works and I would like to help other people find the same happiness.

During my studies I was broadly educated from psychology to maths. I have expanded this knowledge further during my career and learnt to apply it to different situations. Communication with very diverse stakeholders: customers, technical developers and management but also analysis of complex data and problems. I have learnt to see the connection between events, subjects and figures. What is more important, I have learnt how different people think, react, act and interact. It is not mathematics but the combination of people skills and our structured approach that can help to find the path to the perfect match. We let people discover themselves what they really want. The answer can be unexpected but from experience I know: It works!

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