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  • Member Portal Part One - Enable access for your clients to log in to their profiles and edit the important information, new membership software features are at your service to save you loads of time

Member Portal Part One - Enable access for your clients to log in to their profiles and edit the important information, new membership software features are at your service to save you loads of time

July 28, 2020


Why overworking? Why overwhelming yourself with extra work on client profiles? Why working hard, instead of working smart? Say hello to our new Member Portal!

Allow your clients to have access to their profiles in just a few clicks. They can receive an invitation by email to join the system, they can create their profile and login directly from your website. They’ll read and accept your company’s terms and conditions, and then create a unique password to secure their account. Now they’ve got an opportunity to login and update their profile information, adjust match preferences, upload pictures and videos too. To make sure that nothing is missing there’s a profile completeness bar, 100% organized order guaranteed. SmartMatchApp is a new generation membership management software, loaded with tons and loads of custom settings and limitless possibilities of personalization.

Key Benefits

  • Impress your client with branded professional account inside your database
  • Save yourself a good amount of time by allowing your clients to handle their profiles
  • Simple member portal system that is easy-to-use, to customize and manage
  • Automated system population with the website submission forms that create member access

Our Member Portal has 3 Parts. The 1st, Free Member Profile Access part, is included in your subscription plan. Whether you decided to pick a Basic plan or proceed with a Premium subscription, SmartMatchApp got you covered. There’s no additional charge for you to start benefiting from the Member Portal inside this smart web database. Everything is custom, from fields to match preferences, from simple permissions to menu settings, from theme colors to branding. Website submission forms can be customized to create member access for your clients right after they submitted their initial information. Within the website Submission Forms Settings you can automate this process by selecting an option of Auto Create User. You’re always in control, your vision will live, it’s your system with your character.

To find out more about how clients get access to their profiles, and what agency can do within this free option please check out our article on Free Member Profile Access.

Key Features

  • Grant permissions to your client base and control what they see and don’t see
  • Customize and personalize interface with new items, like links to your website and more
  • Profile completeness bar will help your clients to always keep it at 100%
  • Request your clients to update their missing profile information within mere seconds

In the Field Settings, you can allow clients to edit particular fields of your choice, or hide certain fields away from them. Same goes for Matching Settings, you can decide what Match Preference fields are visible for your clients in their profiles. Allow your clients to upload their best pictures and videos too, it’s all in the Menus Settings, look for a Show Menu setting and say Yes or No if you want your clients to have an ability to upload media to the profiles. While you focus on connecting people and important company matters, people will populate their own profiles, this process has never been easier. And here’s a cherry on top of this fine features bouquet, you can add your own item to your clients profile. To do that, go to the same Menus Settings, and click Create Menu Item. You’ll be able to give this new item a name and link it to your website. And if you notice that a small piece of information is missing, just click Actions and Request Profile Update for that particular client within their profile. Plus you can send this request to as many clients as you like at once straight from the Client tab, just use filters and advance search to target your audience of interest.

In the upcoming newsletter release, we will talk about the next part of the Member Portal, the exciting Enhanced Profile Access. To preview and find out more all parts of Member Portal, please check out our article on Key Features of Member Portal.

Enabling access for clients screenshot

Enabling access for clients screenshot

Email invitation to join the system screenshot

Email invitation to join the system screenshot

Profile logged in as a member screenshot

Profile logged in as a member screenshot

Setting up client permissions screenshot

Setting up client permissions screenshot

SmartMatchApp is always here for you, and our number one priority is to make your life easier, make your work smart, and make your business prosper. We make sure to provide the best matchmaking CRM there is on market, constantly updating the app and introducing new features every month. Member Portal will serve your matchmaking business well by creating a perfect professional environment for many of your clients. No more inputting all the data yourself, your clients would be more than happy to participate and have a part in this exciting process of data matching. The world is yours, and our SmartMatchApp team is by your side to help you achieve your great goals.

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