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New Video and Media Add-on features

August 22, 2019


You asked! We listened!

After receiving many requests from our clients, we have implemented new video and media add-on features.  Clients now have the ability to upload any amount of Media and the ability to add and play any number of Videos in SmartMatchApp's matchmaking CRM software.

Video feature

Our Premium clients can now enjoy the new Video feature which allows you to:

  • Upload and playback high-quality videos
  • Add videos to your submissions forms 
  • Send high-quality videos with your introduction
  • View videos in the Matching and Suggestions section

How to use the feature: 

From the ‘Client’ profile 

  • Go to Videos section
  • Upload and playback the videos 
  • Click Send Intro and add a video to the Intro 

SmartMatchApp Video Feature

From ‘Submission Forms’ 

  • Go to Settings / Submission forms 
  • Go to Fields 
  • Click Add Video Field 

Add videos to matchmaker submission forms

Please note: Video files may consume a significant amount of storage. Please be sure to check your storage consumption in order to plan and manage your costs. See more information about the Media costs below. 

Media Add-on feature

In order to manage the additional data storage costs, we are implementing a Media Add-On plan which allows you to add and pay for any desired data storage in our SmartMatchApp matchmaking CRM software.

  • Upload files of any size and to your Photo, Video, or Files sections 
  • Easily review and adjust the amount of you are consuming

How to use the feature: 

Check your current consumption:

  • Go to Add-ons / Media Package 

All our clients will have included media usage:

  • 3GB / per agency included in the Basic plan
  • 6GB / per agency included in the Premium plan 

*As of September 15, 2019, the rates for additional data storage will be:

  • $1 per additional GB of data storage

Every account will have the Media Add-on turned on by default, not to interrupt your operations. 

However, this Media Add-On feature can be turned off easily if you don’t want to use be billed for any extra data storage. 

For a quick video overview of our Video and Media Add-On Feature click here.

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