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Redefining Community Connections: The Journey of Gatzby's and its Revolutionary Personalized Introductions

November 29, 2023


In today's fast-paced, digitally-driven world, real connections can often be hard to come by. Enter Gatzby's, a revolutionary platform that leverages SmartMatchApp to create personalized experiences, fostering connections on personal, professional, platonic, and romantic levels. At the heart of Gatzby's is its founder and CEO, Aspen Gatz, a visionary entrepreneur who turned her dream into reality.

Growing up in Parker, Colorado, Aspen's journey to Gatzby's started with an inspiration to create unique experiences that make people feel like they're in a movie. Her vision evolved over the years, fuelled by a passion for the entertainment industry and a desire to facilitate deeper connections beyond surface-level conversations.

Aspen's experiences, from running a nightclub in Tucson to navigating the cutthroat streets of Los Angeles, shaped her vision for Gatzby's. She recognized the overwhelming sense of disconnect in large cities and sought to create a solution that offers a sense of belonging and purposeful connectivity.

The Birth of Gatzby's

Gatzby's was born in 2022, taking the leap into entrepreneurship after working for a tech-centric entertainment firm. As a non-technical founder, Aspen faced the challenge of integrating technology into her vision. Here, SmartMatchApp played a vital role, providing the necessary platform to match members based on their matching interests and compatibility.

Fast forward to a year later, Gatzby's has evolved to leverage our matchmaking technology for facilitating matches and creating introductions on its platform. But it's not just about the tech. Aspen emphasizes the emotional connection to Gatzby's mission that drives her and her team, from her CTO and co-founder, Christian, who was a member first, to every team member who resonates deeply with their mission to "end the epidemic of disconnect."

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The Gatzby's Experience with our Matchmaking Technology

Gatzby's offers its members a unique experience that begins with applying for membership. Once accepted, members gain access to a portal with all the information needed for creating matches. The real magic happens when members receive a text message with a match summary, a photo of their match, and a meeting spot within the venue! This innovative approach to fostering personalized introductions extends beyond one-on-one matches to include group matches, providing an encompassing community feel.

Looking Ahead

While Gatsby's is primarily focused on in-person experiences, the future holds exciting possibilities. Aspen reveals the potential for a virtual community tied to the real-life community, expanding the reach of Gatsby's mission. She also hints at a fascinating future connection between her fiction writing and Gatsby's, promising an "onion effect" where the business and the books interconnect in a larger picture.

Connect with Gatsby's

Are you intrigued by Gatsby's vision and want to be part of their journey? Reach out to Aspen at, or follow her on Instagram @sheisgatsby. Discover the magic of Gatsby's and become part of their mission to end the epidemic of disconnect.

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