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  • Revolutionizing Love: How B-Loved's Hybrid Matchmaking Blends Technology with Human Touch

Revolutionizing Love: How B-Loved's Hybrid Matchmaking Blends Technology with Human Touch

January 23, 2024


In the quest for love, the journey is just as important as the destination. For the passionate matchmakers at B-Loved, serving the Netherlands and Belgium, this philosophy is the cornerstone of their work. Maya Schaareman and Vanessa Pilloni, the dynamic duo behind B-Loved, have reimagined the traditional matchmaking process by introducing a hybrid model that empowers clients while preserving the personalized touch that defines their service. But how did they transform challenges into a successful and innovative matchmaking experience?

The B-Loved Story: A Match Made in Heaven

Two years ago, Maya and Vanessa were interviewed by Arthur for their work with Date for 2. Now, they're back to discuss how they've grown the B-Loved brand. As they put it, "We always like to share our story because it's very special." Indeed, their journey from the inception of B-Loved to its current state is a testament to their dedication to creating beautiful relationships, not just continuous dating.

The Challenge: Keeping the Flame Alive

One of the major hurdles B-Loved faced was maintaining the client's belief in the matchmaking process during the inevitable wait between matches. Singles need more connection, but matchmakers, being only human, can't give their undivided attention to everyone. So, how did they overcome this challenge?

The Hybrid Model: A New Concept of Old

Maya and Vanessa created a hybrid matchmaking model that involves clients in the search process. Clients now have the ability to view anonymous profiles and express interest, which the matchmakers then vet to see if a match is appropriate. This new concept isn't about making clients work harder; it's about involving them in a journey they've embarked on together with their matchmaker. It's about synergy, where technology complements the human effort, not replaces it.

The Process: From Profile to Partnership

When a client signs up with B-Loved, they undergo an interview and set their preferences. The search begins, and while the matchmakers do their magic behind the scenes, the clients can also engage with potential matches through an online member portal. This approach provides clients with a sense of agency and helps them understand the work that goes into finding a perfect match.

The Magic of Matchmaking: More Than Meets the Eye

Matchmaking is an art, and B-Loved’s matchmakers are the artists. They know that it's not about the quantity of introductions but the quality of matches. Vanessa spends more time searching than on profile preparation, though coaching plays a significant role. Every client is unique, and so is their journey to find love.

Human Touch and Matchmaking Technology: Striking the Right Balance

When it comes to membership platforms, engagement is key. But how do you ensure that engagement feels personal and authentic, rather than cold and mechanical? The answer lies in a harmonious blend of human interaction and technological innovation.

"If it's all technology, it's not precise, it's cold. But if it's synergy, now this is golden."

Consider the member portal: a digital gateway where personalization reigns supreme. Here, every piece of content, suggestion, and match is tailored to the individual's preferences and needs. But customization is more than just showing relevant suggestions; it's about respecting each member's privacy and preferences.

"We don't show pictures... Because of privacy."

Privacy settings, like the option to display or hide photos and personal information, empower users to control their own experience. In this digital age, where privacy is paramount, giving users this level of control is not just considerate—it's expected.

Subscriptions are a staple of membership platforms, and offering tiered options can cater to diverse needs and budgets. But it's not just about limiting the number of suggestions or matches; it's about enabling interactions that matter.

"So if it's a silver plan, only three potential matches will be visible. If it's gold, five will be visible."

Whether it's allowing a like, a connection request, or enabling chat for certain tiers, the aim is to facilitate meaningful connections while also respecting the boundaries of different subscription levels.

The Future: Continuous Innovation

B-Loved is not resting on its laurels. They're continuously improving their system to balance human insight with algorithmic efficiency. They work closely with our success manager, Nikolay to refine their process and ensure the best possible experience for their clients.

Conclusion: Beloved's Lesson in Love

Beloved's story is one of innovation, dedication, and the power of human connection. They've taken matchmaking into the modern age while holding onto the personal touch that makes their service special. This blend of the old and the new has positioned them as a leading matchmaking service in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ready to find love with a personal touch? Dive into the world of B-Loved and discover a matchmaking service that understands the power of human connection enhanced by technology!

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