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Start Professional Corporate Matchmaking

March 02, 2021


Imagine having your own private LinkedIn system with totally custom settings and superior matchmaking functionality for your membership organization. We are happy to announce a brand new Enterprise plan. It is designed to allow you to create your own custom professional corporate matchmaking environment, introducing and engaging your members, creating more relationship opportunities, and increasing your membership revenues.

With SmartMatchApp you can now add value to your members by making personal introductions, helping your members connect on a deeper more meaningful level.

Key Benefits

  • Value-added feature for membership organizations and trade associations leveraging their member databases, matchmaking creates deeper member connections
  • Simple interface will make you and your clients journey easy through the matchmaking software, friendly profile setup is crystal clear and will leave no room for questions
  • Smart conditional matching guarantees perfect matchmaking for you and your clients, doing the heavy lifting calculations and making best introductions

Our matchmaking software CRM will do all the heavy work for you and calculate perfect suggestions for your clients. You can totally adjust your conditional matching scenarios to service most complicated cross-industry cases and deliver precise introductions for your network of members.

Key Features

  • Multiple member profile types for matchmaking allow multi-level matching process with every member profile having its own custom fields and interface
  • Conditional matching workflows will make it possible to create custom matchmaking hierarchy scenarios resulting in deeper and accurate matches
  • Company structure management will allow advances corporate relations, allowing members to pick their organizations, and review lists of members within other companies

1. Multiple member profile types - this smart feature creates a diverse environment for your professional clients, allowing them to select and find exactly what they require. You can create many profile types, for example Company, Employee, and Investor. Each and every profile type can have its own set of custom fields. Let’s say a Company will have two fields called Industry with answers of Hardware and Software, and Company Size with answers of 10-50 employees. And let’s say an Investor will have fields called Investment Amount with answers of $1M and $2M, and Required Revenues with answers of $10M and $20M. These types will be set up to find precisely what companies or people are looking for and create a perfect corporate matchmaking database.

2. Conditional matching, a feature that allows you to create a set of additional questions if a company replied with a particular answer to your previous question. For example there’s a field called Industry with two choices of Hardware and Software. If a company selects Hardware, a new set of custom questions will appear, for example Hardware Type with answers of Tools and Supplies. This custom setup process allows room for the most creative field settings, so the sky's the limit.

3. Company structure management, a feature that creates a perfect corporate hierarchy. Imagine there are two types of clients, Company and Employee. Employees can be placed under a company they work for but they can be representing different departments. Each employee can have their own set of matching preferences to be connected with the right people in the other companies.

Explore our help article on Smart Enterprise Feature and How to Use Them

Custom types allow diverse database of companies and people with different profile interfaces

Custom types allow diverse database of companies and people with different profile interfaces

Company relations allow people to placed under companies with their own matching preferences

Company relations allow people to placed under companies with their own matching preferences

Conditional matching allows to create custom dropdown fields

Conditional matching allows to create custom dropdown fields

Are you running a professional matchmaking business, chamber of commerce or member association? Are you ready to bring your business to a brand new level, create a perfect environment for your clients and to use more automation? Then you’re in the most right place! Smart match app has everything you need to build a total custom user experience for your clients. And smart matchmaking algorithms will service your business model well by making deeper personal connections in your network. Enterprise plan is here to add value to your members and increase revenues! Custom profile types, conditional matching and company structure management is only the beginning. We’re working hard to bring even more advanced tools to the smart match app system. Coming later this year are revolutionary industry-changing complete automation and continuous matching features. Our dearest users, we’re working hard everyday to make your experience better, and to make your matchmaking smarter than ever before.

Until next time :)

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