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  • This smart feature literally schedules the dates for you, what a perfect software for matchmaking and connecting people

This smart feature literally schedules the dates for you, what a perfect software for matchmaking and connecting people

July 14, 2020


Have you ever dreamed of an automated calendar system that stays on top of your most important things for you? Introducing our matching scheduler!

How this works. Start by creating contracts and schedules for your clients in just a few clicks. Enter start and end dates, add the number of matches you agreed to arrange, then just sit back and relax. SmartMatchApp matchmaking CRM will do the work for you. It will keep even thousands of clients under your perfect control. The matchmaking scheduler will suggest dates so you will never miss a match again.  It will feel like a breeze of fresh air for your matchmaking, coaching or community building business!

Key Benefits

  • Always stay on top of matches and scheduled dates with a smart overview gadget
  • Save a great amount of time with automated Scheduler
  • Visualize all of your targeted matches in one place and just in a matter of clicks
  • Easy to set up and work with, absolutely user friendly and simple to manage

Smart overview gadget within the scheduler will allow you to have visuals and keep track of matches - Completed are in green, Past Due in red, Scheduled are blue, and To Schedule with the suggested dates are in gray. This smart overview gadget will always stick around right below the profile picture of your client that was assigned with a schedule. All of this automation is possible thanks to the Successful Match Group within the settings of the matchmaking software. After you identified this group and moved your match in it, the system will automatically count this as a completed match.

Key Features

  • Add your own matching dates or follow a suggested schedule to get your clients happy
  • Review your clients matching history and prepare for the future with a friendly interface
  • Put a schedule on hold for a period of time when your client requires a break
  • The scheduler is automated, and 100% customizable for every personal contract with a client

On top of everything mentioned earlier, this smart scheduler comes pretty handy when creating custom reports, allowing you to review and track all of your match progress for the entire company with this sophisticated data matching tool. You’ll be able to review all of your clients' completed matches and the next ones to come. Set the order to ascending or descending to see if the important date is approaching. Reviewing and keeping track of all the data and numbers is now easier than ever.

To find out more about how to set up a scheduler, please check out our Scheduler Quick Start Guide.

Active schedule screenshot

Matching groups screenshot

Setting up a new schedule screenshot

SmartMatchApp creates a perfect environment for matchmakers, coaches and community builders to work with its simple and smart tools. We aim high to build the best customer relationship management software there is, by making your life easier while using our system and saving tons and loads of time for your personal life. Precious time that you can spend with your family and friends. Let the system guide you through the plan with a little to none effort from your end. The age of manual work has ended, working hard is not an option in the world of advanced (database management systems). Time to work smart, time to join SmartMatchApp and build a perfect database of your own.

Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM servicing more than 100,000 users worldwide

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