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25 Productivity Benefits of SmartMatchApp

September 25, 2019


How can SmartMatchApp save me time?

When our new customers are discovering SmartMatchApp, they often ask what the main benefits of the Matchmaking Software and CRM are, and how long it takes to start with SmartMatchApp. 

So... we scratched our heads and decided to answer these questions with a comprehensive list of all possible benefits and then compile them here so that everyone can refer back to them at any time! Hoping it will be a hit blog entry!  

The Top 25 Productivity Benefits: 

  1. Start matching with SmartMatchApp in minutes
  2. Customize custom tags, keywords, any search criteria imaginable
  3. Organize and search everything in one place and on any device 
  4. Find any information you need, all your clients, photos, files, videos, matches, introductions in less than 4 clicks
  5. Stop tossing information all over the place (excel sheets, matching cards, dropbox, etc.) and get to business 
  6. Build custom forms, integrate the database seamlessly with your marketing campaigns
  7. Create new profiles from your website on autopilot
  8. Invite your clients to privately update their profiles in your database
  9. Send client introductions, emails and texts, with 3 clicks
  10. Avoid manual data entry, and quit copy-pasting
  11. Get feedback from your clients automatically 
  12. Send emails and text messages to your entire database
  13. Book client meetings and dates within 3 clicks
  14. Get reminded about important dates 
  15. View reports and priority tasks in one place
  16. Increase matching efficiency as your business grows  
  17. Organize your matches with priority and match rates
  18. Easily find most compatible matches in one place
  19. Track current, future and past matches and client feedback
  20. Waste less time on and focus on important aspects of your business 
  21. Streamline your matchmaking organization 
  22. Put more of your entire process on autopilot 
  23. Take less time to do the administrative part of the job 
  24. Clone yourself and transfer knowledge to members of your team
  25. Manage your team easier and know exactly what they are doing each moment  

Imagine the positive impact all these productivity benefits can have on your business. How many hours would you save each year?

Please let us know and Happy Matching! 

The SmartMatchApp Team

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