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Automations: New and Improved to Make Workflows Lighter on SmartMatchApp

April 19, 2022


We at SmartMatchApp are committed to making your day-to-day workflows as simple as possible.

SmartMatchApp never ceases making advances in improving its features that everyone enjoys thanks to our ever-dynamic CRM system. This time, we're focused on the new and enhanced Automations, which is designed to make CRM users' workflows easier, faster, and more accurate. In SmartMatchApp’s terminology, the feature called Automations means streamlining procedures and increasing productivity by automating important but repetitive manual tasks in customer relationship management. This has helped many of our customers save time and effort and has allowed them to focus on more productive tasks. Given its benefits, SmartMatchApp has made this feature even more awesome than it used to be. Ready to dig in for more?

Key Features

  • It now allows users to create more automated sequenced actions outside of the ordinary, such as automatically sending an email, text, or notification to the clients or its users once an action has been taken. 
  • The new and improved Automations now allow more actions, conditions, and added tasks-related triggers that can be used to perform day-to-today tasks, which will make the most out of having the Member Intro feature (if activated on the system).
  • A Trigger Action Map has been created for quicker reference of those in need of creating a new automation.
  • Automation can now be done for a vast variety of actions related to client profile and preference updates, Member Access creation, surveys, contracts, introductions, events, matches, tasks, and profile request updates.

So, you all may be thinking how Automations have been improved? Welp! Wait no more. If you have the Member Intro add-on activated in your system, you can now get notifications via email or text once a member views selected introductions, indicating if they're interested or not with the introducing client. You can now also add a series of automation for agency users to allow a smooth transition of workflow with the desired outcome for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Save time from manually creating robotic and repetitive tasks, allowing agency users to focus more on productive things that can help in running your business more successfully.
  • Prevent having to worry about missing out on important details necessary for completing a task to be done.
  • Automatically do tasks on your behalf.
  • Easy management of workflows.
  • Schedule a series of workflows by delegating delays and get the right timing when to get that action done after a trigger was made, or a condition has been met. 

We are all humans anyway! So why do we all need to act like we’re some kind of robots? You can now grab a cup of coffee while sending an email to a client after they’ve responded to an introduction for a match that they’ve just responded to 15 minutes ago. With the new and improved Automations feature, your everyday workflow would be so much easier and you won’t have to worry about missing out on doing a specific task in a day.

Check out the new Gmail Integration feature that allows you to send and receive emails using your Google Workspace email address inside of your very own SmartMatchApp system. It aims to save you from a thousand tabs or browsers opened at the same time!

Here is a screenshot of the Automations Trigger/Map that we have embedded for quick access within your SmartMatchApp system. This will serve as your cheat sheet when creating a whole new series of automations:

Automations: New and Improved to Make Workflows Lighter on SmartMatchApp

The Help Section article for Automations has also been included in this map for you so you have everything you need all in one place. All you have to do is to click on it and voila! 

Imagine a new client filling out your web form and submitting it. You can now choose to send an email to your agency users within an hour of the submission, and at the same time, set to also send the new client a welcome email or text message on their first day after the submission of the form. You can do all of that with Automations!

For a very low price of $0.05 per action, who says you need to do things manually these days? Wouldn’t it be better to get notified either via email or text once a client updates their profile, or when an introduction has been replied to instead of manually checking their profile for any new updates? Pretty hefty, right?

Another highlight of the new and enhanced Automations is that it now includes a bigger set of triggers and conditions that attempt to target the intended outcome. All you have to do is go straight to Automations and activate the relevant triggers if you want an email or text sent to a client after two or so days of submitting an introduction feedback.

Automations: New and Improved to Make Workflows Lighter on SmartMatchApp

You can also monitor your usage stats for every Automation that you have. The usage is updated once a day so you can see how you’re benefiting from the automations you’ve created. Does this also count every coffee break and snacks you’ve had in a day while making sure that the tasks are completed flawlessly? Possibly! 

SmartMatchApp Automations allow you to work smart. In this era, working smart is the new definition of hard work. Why suffer being tied to your monitor all day sending emails and keeping tabs of when and who to reach out to when all you need to do is just to click a few links and buttons and you’ll be good? It is time to pump up your day-to-day tasks gaming and get Automations all set up for a healthier work-life balance! 

That’s all for now, folks! Tata :)

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