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  • Explore how customizable reports make our matchmaking CRM more powerful for your matchmaking business than any other generic database management system

Explore how customizable reports make our matchmaking CRM more powerful for your matchmaking business than any other generic database management system

June 28, 2020


Imagine that you create a client Contract, then you easily make a Schedule for the client, then momentarily jump into a customer Profile to add a Task or a Reminder, or send a follow-up Email. Then you can view and sort all your contracts by status or match dates on the Report. Designed so that you make the perfect introductions on time!

Key benefits:

  • You will save valuable time and make more money helping you expand your matchmaking business to the next level.
  • You can take immediate action and eliminate the annoying issue of having any of your paid clients falling behind their matches.
  • Your customers will thank you and will stay loyal, and will keep buying your services over and over again.

You can easily add any attributes to the report, such as Clients profile fields, Client Name, Cover Photo, Assigned To, Created date, and more. Our feature also allows adding any attributes from any custom Matching Preferences fields, the count of videos and photos used in each client profile, any attributes from the Contracts section such as Contract Status or Contract Start date and more. Attributes from the Scheduler section such as Schedule Status or Scheduler Start date or Past Due dates or Scheduled dates, Number of overdue dates, Matches Overview, and more.  You can add additional Filters from Advanced Search.

Key features:

  • The new reports will allow you to view and track all clients who are due for a match or due for an introduction
  • Reports are easily customized by adding and removing columns, sorting by the oldest or newest overdue clients
  • You can create unlimited custom reports that keep your business up-to-date

This advanced reporting feature makes our Matchmaking CRM so much more efficient than any regular contact management software or any generic cloud based database systems. You can literally forget about very limiting matching data in excel sheets or google docs. Now you can do your matchmaking, networking and introduction activities, with your own custom reports. You can organize your day and track your contact database and activities all in one place.

Please explore more detailed setup information about the reports in our Reports Quick Start Guide.

In the coming articles we will cover the Scheduler and Contracts in more details. Please feel free to explore our Contracts Quick Start Guide and Scheduler Quick Start Guide.

Contracts section screenshot:

Scheduler section screenshot:

SmartMatchApp is always here for you, our great tools will aid you in starting a matchmaking business. We offer a perfect user friendly and easy to use system, because we understand that excel matching data in multiple columns isn’t an option in the 21st century. We’ve mastered the art of people connecting technology, and now SmartMatchApp stands tall for your business, because your success means the world to us.

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