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How birthday and client profile update notifications can help your matchmaking business

June 10, 2020


At SmartMatchApp we understand how important it is to stay on top of things. Whether you run a dating agency, a membership association, or a community, the matchmaking software CRM is a great tool for connecting people. We realize that your business can get pretty overwhelming at one point, so we’d like to introduce you to our new notifications and reminders features. You’ll always know what’s going on with your client database software. You’ll be able to manage and administrate your client profiles more effectively.  Customer relationship management has never been easier with SmartMatchApp.

In our Profile Settings, we’ve got a Notifications Settings tab. There are 6 types of notification and reminders at your disposal currently, already making your journey to success a smooth ride. You can pick and choose to get your notifications within our SmartMatchApp system (web), getting a text message on your phone (text - Twilio integration is required), and to receive emails. Let’s cover the two most asked notifications:

Birthday Reminder (web, email and text)

  • Who doesn’t like to hear a “Happy Birthday” on their special day? With our birthday reminder you’ll always keep track of all your client birthdays, earn more brownie points and increase customers’ loyalty. In our Birthday reminders help article you can follow the instructions and easily set up the birthday reminders for your entire agency. One tip to make this process even more smooth and useful is to set up a birthday greeting email template in the agency settings. You can go to Settings / Agency / Basic Info and scroll down to set email templates. Then when you go to the client profile, click Actions / Send Email you can choose the birthday greeting email and send it to your customers, and all that takes just a couple clicks. Awesome!

Client Profile Update (web, email and text)

  • This feature was demanded very frequently by our clients and now it is finally here! Please visit the Client Profile Update Notifications help article. Now every time your client updates the profile or makes changes to it, you’ll be notified the same day. This type of notification can really help you to stay informed about how active your clients are, to have great reasons to personally contact and discuss any questions, and help them complete their profiles, prevent them from making mistakes, and optimize their profile for matching. Again it will be greatly increasing your customer loyalty! 

Other very useful reminders and notification available:

Reminder (web and text) - Reminders can be set foryour client profiles within their own profiles (click your client Profile, go to a Reminders tab, and set your reminder right away). After you created an event, reminders can be set within this event too (click on your newly created Event and you’ll see an option to add a Reminder). Also reminders can be set for tasks (click on your Task of interest and there’ll be a button Add Reminder).

Incoming Text Message (web, email and text) - After Twilio integration is complete and a phone number is set to use, you can receive notifications every time a person within the system texts you. Always stay in touch with your important clients.

Client Profile Update (web, email and text) - Every time your client updates the profile or makes changes to it, you’ll be notified asap.

New Submitted Client (web, email and text) - As you grow and constantly populate your client base, it’s always a great idea to have a bell when a new customer arrives. You’ll never miss a brave new client at your doorsteps.

New Task Assigned (web, email and text) - Every time there’s a new task created within the matchmaking CRM, you’ll get a note about it. It creates an awesome project management environment for a system single user, as well as a complex company with a considerable amount of staff.

More information about notifications is available in this All Notifications Available help article within our SmartMatchApp system.

COVID-19 has impacted many lives and businesses around the world. We’re doing our best to make our matchmaking software a perfect solution for you and your business. We’re always ready to support you and answer your questions, our data matching software is always ready to give you a hand with the exact data matching. Please feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you and give you a virtual tour.

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