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SmartMatchApp Contracts Feature

June 25, 2019


Are you getting the full advantage of your matchmaking CRM? Let’s face it, contracts are a huge part of your world as a matchmaker. SmartMatchApp's Matchmaking CRM offers you a feature that will allow you to effectively create, manage and track your client contracts directly within your matchmaking software.

This Contracts feature has many benefits that we think you'll find useful as a professional matchmaker. 

  • Create unlimited contracts - whether you have 5 clients or 500+ clients
  • Set your contract start and end dates
  • Keep track of important dates and notes with unlimited reminders
  • Automatically updating statuses
  • Gain accountability over your data with 'Created by' user name link
  • Unlimited contract Freezing periods
  • Add custom fields that work with your contract's requirements
  • Attach relevant files as needed, such as signed contracts
  • Indicators of both total frozen days count and total used contract days count so you can get an accurate picture of the time left in the contract.
  • A dashboard view allows you to perform an advanced search by the client, by start and end date, or by the user

This feature is easy to use and will save you time and energy. Here’s how it works:

Setup custom contracts fields

  • Go to Settings / Client Contracts
  • Add any fields needed

Go to a Client profile

  • Click on Contracts section
  • Add a Contract Start date
  • Add Contract duration
  • Edit start date if needed
  • Edit duration period if needed
  • Fill any custom fields
  • Click Actions to Freeze a Contract
  • Click Actions to add a Reminder
  • When contact is active you will see Active status

Go to Dashboard

  • Click Contracts
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Search by the client, by start and end date, by the user

For a quick video overview of our Contracts Feature click here.

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