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  • Using matchmaking CRM vs. a generic sales CRM Part 1

Using matchmaking CRM vs. a generic sales CRM Part 1

April 05, 2017


We are often asked by our clients who are in the process of learning about SmartMatchApp, why they should consider using SmartMatchApp instead of a mainstream sales CRM like Salesforce or Zoho. In this article we want to highlight the first four reasons. 

Three years has passed quickly. When we began developing SmartMatchApp three years ago, we asked ourselves: if we are to design a great matchmaking CRM what should it be really good at?  Before we wrote the first line of code, we surveyed matchmakers about what they wanted to see in the system and what is missing for them in other systems that they were trying to use.

Here is what we learned:

  1. A great matchmaking CRM must be easy to use because matchmakers are not technology people, they are people people and they just need a system that is easy to use.
  2. A great matchmaking CRM needs to have easily customizable database properties to allow matchmakers to create their own criteria depending on their business strategy.
  3. A great matchmaking CRM has to be perfect at its primarily purpose: to simply search and match clients while keeping the information easily accessible.
  4. A great matchmaking CRM has to have the ability for matchmakers to send personal introductions to their clients quickly and efficiently.

As the result SmartMatchApp was born!

  • SMA has a very simple user interface and navigation for use on any desktop, phone or tablet  
  • SMA’s exclusive customization features allow matchmakers to create any search and match criteria
  • SMA’s Dashboard enables matchmakers to find, match and review all client data in just a couple of clicks
  • SMA is designed to create custom introductions in just two clicks

*  If you have any questions, always feel free to contact SmartMatchApp and book a personal demo with our friendly support staff. SmartMatchApp is an award winning professional matchmaking software CRM used by more than 200 matchmakers worldwide.

Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM servicing more than 100,000 users worldwide

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