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Here’s why SmartMatchApp is the perfect alternative to mainstream Sales CRMs for your matchmaking business

Over the years our customers have shared with us the stories of how they tried to adapt mainstream sales CRMs to their matchmaking process.

They have also told us about how it didn’t work very well and resulted in them …

News November 10, 2021

How to Create Your Community – The Matchmaking Way

There are few things more powerful than a community, and nowhere is that more true than in today's world.

Community …

News September 28, 2021

SmartMatchApp Software Helps Matchmakers and Dating Platforms Grow

We are so happy to get featured in DatingAdvice is the place where you can find daily articles …

News September 21, 2021

Adding automation to your matching process

We have made two major improvements to the matching workflow. First is an additional setting called “Not Available for Matching.” …

News September 07, 2021

How to build a matchmaking platform without any coding

The internet is a growing marketplace. As more and more of the world does its business online, billions of dollars …

News August 24, 2021

Expanding the boundaries of matchmaking with a powerful community eng…

It all always starts with conversations with our customers. This story is no different. Our terrific customers asked us to …

News July 13, 2021

Our matchmaking software client interface is available in several lan…

For the first couple of years we were in business, 99% of our customers were English-speaking, and based in the …

News June 22, 2021

Calling all Entrepreneurs! Whatever your industry, if you’re passiona…

Can everyone really start a matchmaking business?

When you hear the word ‘matchmaking’, what do you think of?

For most …

News June 15, 2021

Fast, Simple and Mobile-First Member Access User Experience

Until recently, the SmartMatchApp CRM was based on simple, desktop-first Web technology. Technology has changed dramatically over the past few …

News June 15, 2021

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